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 I also like to draw with pencil, chalk, pens, and anything else. I always have. With in my little gallery here, I have also shared a variety of CD covers, promotional art work and more. All my artwork is original and available for licensing as well than just music. 

This is a small place online where I like to share all the various art projects or various craft ideas and such that have helped me stay sane over the years. I like to dabble in other creative art forms other than just music. I believe in the power of images and the beauty of the human spirit. 

 In 2017 I had a very serious brain surgery which pretty much changed my life. Part of the healing process for me was to draw. My brain surgeon mentioned to me that working on small drawings, doodles and painting such might help to rebuild various parts of my brain. It was a little difficult at first because so just like with anything else practice makes perfect.

I like to create what are called ZENTANGLES it is basically very similar to doodling but it turns it into a art form of sorts I think. Well the point I am trying to share is that when you used your brain to focus on small stuff that you are doing it causes the brain to function and react it a positive way, rebuilding lost connections and also brightening your world. Who does not like to have colors and different stuff to look at right?  All my artwork is original and available for licensing as well.

I am slowly building an online store where all of this art will be on sale both in art form, like drawings, paintings and such but also  clothing, magnets, posters, picture art, cups and a whole lot more. I am not perfect, nor some great artist, I just thought I would share this and other's as well to maybe brighten up your day or those around me


Art Stuff


Ink, Pencil Chalk and More

These are a collection of pictures I have drawn. Including what is commonly called ZENTANGLES! Basically glorified doodling. I found these to be very helpful after my brain surgery.  If you like these different pictures then check out more here.

Mark Allan Wolfe Art Oil

Acrylic and Oil Paints

This is a small collection of paintings I have created over time. II like to do these for you never really know what you get until you try. It is just like life you got to work it to discover what its all about. If you like visit the STORE and check out how these look on various products ,clothes and shirts.  

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