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My name is Mark Allan Wolfe (ASCAP) I am a music composer, producer, musician, songwriter, artist and speaker. I create original music for film,  television, web, and much more. The main genres I tend to focus on are include Rock, Acoustic, Indie, Blues, Chill / Lounge, Jazz and Underscore. I do have a wide variety of other genres which include World, Latin, Classical and More. I have several players on my website with more all over the web. 

Current and Past Projects

With an ever growing catalog of songs / cues, around 3,500. From adrenaline filled, high energy, fast-paced rock, to slow, drama, soft ballads, and a variety in between. Many are and have been finding placement within some of today’s hottest shows on television and the web. Some of my music has been and is currently used for such global brands such as Unilever, GM, SONY, Coke, Pepsi, ADOBE, Microsoft, and many more. Network and Cable TV channels  like Discovery Networks, Lifetime, HISTORY, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, BRAVO, and Entertainment Studios. Some programs as American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Nickelodeon, Aussie Pickers, Say yes to the dress, Barter Kings, NY Ink, Golf Channel and many more.   

Some Skills

I have been creating and writing music for over 35 yrs.with guitar being my main instrument I also taught myself to play keyboards, piano, drums and much more. I have over the years built a small studio that does everything I need it to do and more. I use live instruments as well as sampled to help me create the sound and texture for the project at hand.  All my music is original and I am a people person.   

More personal

While I do create music for a wide variety of clients and outlets, I like to share my  testimony and faith in Jesus Christ and the power of His redeeming healing love. I have spoken and led worship in all  kinds of venues, churches, assisted living homes, VA Hospitals, parks and more. I am available to perform or share at your church, bible study or home group. I am a Trigeminal Neuralgia survivor which is a very painful brain disease. I also love to draw and paint  so I thought I would share some with you.

Some Clients

Brands Logos

Some More Placements

General Motors, Wal Mart, Nature Valley

Best Buy Seven Bar ChexMix ADOBE Microsoft Unilever Logitech Nokia Vaseline Snuggle Coke  Voltaren Knorr Surf Knorr Pepsi Vitamin Water

AXE Ben&Jerrys Novartis Close Cucumber Lifebuoy Dove Liptons Kodak

Bud Light At&T Lego Rexona Nokia Sunsilk Nokia FOX BET TNT ABC CBS NBC MTV VH1 Discovery Channel Networks Entertainment Studios

A E TV History Channel True Tv Nickelodeon Byron Allen Productions

Telemundo Velocity People & Designers Fashions Wicked Tuna Golf Channel

BIOGRAPHY Channel Auction Kings NY Ink Recipe TV Teen Choice Awards

Beautiful Homes & Great Estates My Destination.TV Pets.TV ES.TV

Urban Style The Writer's Hot List Kodak Kickin It Every Woman Duck Dynasty My Redneck Wedding Pawn Stars The Appraiser Miss America

Say Yes to the Dress Man, and Many more!!


A little More


Mark Allan Wolfe (ASCAP) Wolfie's Music (ASCAP) has always had the ability to convey musically what he sees and feels spiritually. With one ear to the ground, the other to the sky, always observing humanity with laughter and a smile, Mark Allan Wolfe delivers some of the most profound and prophetic music from an unknown artist in years

Discovering music at an early age, with a wide range of tastes but always sharing the common thread of being emotionally and spiritually deep and musically adventurous. Mark Allan immersed himself in various styles of the electric and acoustic guitar - from alternate tuning, finger style, the inventive guitar arrangements of Zeppelin, Micheal Hedges, Will Ackerman and many more. With Clapton, Hendrix, , Pink Floyd, Eric Johnson to many others inspiring his electric playing. He moved on to discover the legends of Progressive rock — Yes, God is an Astronaut, Genesis and RUSH. Building on years of careful listening, he began crafting his own songs.

Past influences in music tend to bind the foundation of a musician's creative energy, but Mark Allan Wolfe's musical personality is simply too overwhelming to succumb to simple mimicry. Mark's music makes evident this songwriter's real distinction from many other musicians currently rotating on the airwaves. Mark Allan manages to nod to the past, without ever steering hard into it. His respect for influence consistently defers to his uniquely evolved songwriting talent and sound.

Mark Allan has spent years recording and composing while also working with local musicians at various locations across the USA. From performing live to working in the studio He shares the same passions and professionalism, total commitment to see the vision thru. Mark's music explores human relationships - the failed attempts at connecting with others and to the everyday activities that make up our lives and our identity.

With lyrics about his love for his wife and family values to themes about the human condition. Mark Allan is so genuine and sweetly convincing that one is continually surprised to discover a knife's edge revealed a little more with each listening. His lyrical sense of metaphor and his sheer musicality weaves throughout his guitar arrangements, riding the beat, abruptly stunning the listener with a well-placed turn of barely resolved cadence, or a sudden dissonance that appears and passes through each song like a cool breeze.

What I think I like the most about the music of Mark Allan is that it is always changing. Mark Allan is a composer and artist in the truest sense of the word, his music is strong and sincere, but with a level of complexity and depth that will keep you listening  time and time again. Although not able to site read music all of the songs and cues are original.

Mark Allan has well over a 3,000 plus songs and cues in his catalog available for licensing.  He has had many successful placements on long running network programs as well as cab over the years  music placed with well known global brands and advertising company's.

Mark is both creative and very adaptable easy to work with and teachable. Yet at the same time not afraid to take the lead and take the wheel so to speak in directing and helping others find their place in the picture. Mark has a different style and approach, but the results are the same—his vision is marvelously realized in the music. If you could merely provide a sentence of a scene description, Mark can run with it. 

If you are looking for something different for your next project or looking for special cues for your POST Production let Mark Allan Wolfe  help create for you. On his website you will be able to sample just a few of his tracks but if your willing to try something new, give him a shout and share your details on what your trying to accomplish and we can provide you with the BEST music to SYNC.

Learn More

If you would like to collaborate, network  or have some questions, I will be more than happy speak with you. Please feel free to reach out and send me a message. Sometimes the hardest part is just reaching out.  


Various Songs and Cues

Some songs with lyrics dealing with fake news, conspiracy and more


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