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Mark Allan Wolfe original music for Film, Television,More

Music Composer / Music Producer / Live Music


Recent Projects

He has and currently is providing music for global brands such as Unilever, GM, SONY, Coke, Pepsi, ADOBE, Microsoft, and many many more. Several Network and Cable TV channels like Discovery Networks, Lifetime, HISTORY, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, BRAVO,Entertainment Studios. Music of Mark Allan can be heard on programs such as American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Nicklodeon Teen Choice Awards, Aussie Pickers, Say yes to the dress, Barter Kings, Velocity Channel and NY Ink  Mobile apps and Video Games. For a more in depth look into past and current projects then CLICK HERE

Who am I?

Mark Allan Wolfe offers music for Film, Television, Web, and much more. Specializing in guitar oriented Rock, (Including Indie, Modern, Heavy Metal, Punk, Blues), Acoustic, Electronic, UnderScore. He also has a variety of other genres of music in his catalog as well as styles that include Hip Hop, New Age, World, Blues, Chill, Lounge, Pop, and Jazz. Mark Allan has a way of creating melodies and songs that covers a wide emotional and atmospheric range as well as grooves and hooks that will grab your attention, yet not intrude on the scene or brand. He likes to say He creates from ROCK to BACH, For more information on music composer Mark Allan Wolfe Click Here

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    Some of Mark Allan Wolfe music catalog is now a part of OLE music rights managment company along with RUSH, Taylor Swift and Timbaland read more →


    I knew I was crazy!
    Well I had my Brain Surgery Aug 31st 2017, to try to relieve the pain that was there due to my brain disease Trigeminal Neurolgia. I am slowly getting back to work on other projects and get caught up on mixing NEW music. Some of which can be heard by clicking HERE----> read more →

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    Are you looking to collaborate with other creatives, check out this website filled with creatives just like you looking to mix, produces, sing or write with. Start by visiting my profile page and see over 3,000 songs that are available for licensing. This one website is filled with other creatives wiilling to do the same read more →

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    You need to file a copyright of your songs ASAP so you can protect your music. It is as easy as sending an email... read more →

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CAKEWALK – Music Creation Software

I have been using this software since it came out many years ago. I use this and several others over the years but have grown fond of CAKEWALK Sonar Producer and now Platnium. I highly recommend if you are just begining or an pro read →

Behind the music...

I would like to share with you what went on behind the creative process of some of my music. read →

Need Music to SYNC?

If your looking for music for any size project then take a moment to sample some of these music samples available online and email me or give me a call and lets figure out what we can do to create the best music score for your film. read →

Mark Allan Wolfe

Mark Allan Wolfe is a multi instrumentalist with over 30 yrs of experience in creating music, who specializes in making guitar oriented music for Film, TV, Web and Multimedia outlets. Creating multiple genres of music, He is most comfortable in creating instrumental songs and cues. With a flare for anything ROCK, New Age, Indie, Acoustic, Orchestral and Electronic. Mark Allan Wolfe has a way of creating melodies and songs that covers a wide emotional and atmospheric range. From action packed adrenaline filled, high energy, fast paced rock, to slow, drama filled soft ballads. With well over 3,000 songs with in the current catalog it is hard to single out just one or two songs. Your invited to sample a few starting with the player in this page and through out the website, read more by clicking – MUSIC →

This above players are just a small sample of just a few genres. You can either scroll down in the individual players by hitting the play button. If you want to hear more, click on the music and more music tab(s) above to visit the music pages.


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