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Mark Allan Wolfe New music online

Check out some great new music an also listen to some more music that is available at IMRADIO grab this widget for your blog or website it you need music.
Also give a listen to the new heavy guitar jam by MARK ALLAN WOLFE called “Lost in the SON” a heavy guitar rock song. The radio station has a bout 50-60 songs in a small variety of rock,pop and smooth jazz songs but all of them are great. If your interested in learning more about it then give us a shout.

If your an artist or a band looking for placement opportunity’s than also give a listen and or visit www.wolfiesmusicpublishing.com we are always looking to expand our data base of songs for FILM,TV and WEB advertisements.


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“Heavy Pumpin” by Mark Allan Wolfe

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/16405373″]

Nice little groove for extreme sports or action scene. Just thought you would maybe like to see one of my soundcloud pages and listen to some music that is not yet available anywhere else. For mor info please visit www.markallanwolfe.com and send me an email


A new song “A childs prayer”

I recently created this song over the Holiday weekend and thought you might enjoy it. Please feel free to comment on it, share it and let me know and others what you thought about it. It is basically an acoustic melody based around a child soloist and choir. Very relaxing and mellow yet deep and moving.

For more please visit my website at www.markallanwolfe.com for more info and music.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/14223436″]