Anyone know of any APPS that might be great for music promotion, websites or anything for a website?



Hello again all you crazy fun loving people, I apologize for leaving you all but had some personal business to attend to but now we are back in the saddle again as the old song declares. So many awesome things happening I thought I would fill you all in.

For starters, I have been putting my music collection together all in one place for easy access for anyone who is interested in buying it or perhaps licensing it. I have my music in a variety of different place some are geared towards say the entertainment side of things whilst other songs are geared toward the rest of us.

I have been going back and forth with the conceptual design of the artwork looking for some ideas for my new cds and going over some ideas of tracks and songs and all that stuff. If you have any ideas of what you may think would be cool or interesting for my cds then please let me know. If you have known me for any period of time I usually do not go for things that are too dark and all.

I will be posting more thoughts and ideas soon hopefully in the next day or so. I have been very busy with writing and trying to catch up on certain aspects of the whole publishing end of things.

Mark Allan Wolfe


Hope for your HEART

So here you are pressing onwards so to say. You have created all sorts of music designed the CD’s, got tours lined up or at least some gigs even if they are just playing parties for the time being. None the less you got something going. You have a dream, a desire to share your music with the whole world, yet you do not know where to start. Perhaps you do know where to start yet you have been plugging away for it for some degree or been climbing the hill for years. THIS IS FOR YOU!!

There is this certain type of bamboo that grows deep in the heart of China and it takes like five- six years to even start to grow but when it does it grows like 90′ ft with in like 6 months! Consider the farmer who plants his crops and does everything he does and needs to for a crop to grow. He has NO idea that things will come about, yet he tries and continues to do what he does for hopes that He will eventually reap a harvest.

You need to have the same attitude, that no matter what you will climb this mountain. You will succeed in your efforts WHAT EVER THEY MAY BE!! No matter if you are trying to get some where in business, make a name for yourself in the music business or in life. You may be trying to deal with something that has kept you down for years and you try and try only to not see anything. For all you know right after the next hill, the next day the next swing your answers will come!

I wanted to just drop you a note of encouragement and give you a little hope for your heart. You need to believe in something so why not believe for the best. It is what keeps you going? To many people failing at something over a 100 times you might begin to think something is impossible. After 150 times you might seriously doubt your sanity and question your motives, yet you would not even think perhaps of trying 200 times, well someone did they pursued with something for nearly 999 times actually on the 100th time BOOM!! the perfect filament for the light bulb was found.
Myspace music player

Well if your trying faint not, if your at least trying to get where you are your doing something. Never give up and never surrender, you never know who is counting on you and how you will change the world or those around you.


Behind the music

Well here I am sitting in my studio wishing I had hair still so I could pull it out. lol I got some killer new upgrades, new gear, software that will enable me to communicate with aliens and a new droid phone. Well maybe not aliens but you get the picture. I am saying I have all these new upgrades and what not but not enough time in the day to learn everything and implement all these new procedures on top of making new music, licensing more music for certain projects and promotions and oh my the list grows.

So you say , “Mark ? What is your problem?” to which I would say …nothing but I thought I would share my drama with you guys for seems like everywhere you turn there is drama on TV, Film, at the grocery store, plus I like sharing with you guys and I enjoy what you share with me.

So, I got this new phone today in the mail my sweet heart angel got this Galaxy Samsung kick butt phone. I swear you could probably launch a satellite with it, or even use it as a can opener. at any rate I have not even scratched the surface of this thing only synced my social network to it and trying to figure everything else out. I thought it would be somewhat silly to share a bit about it and stuff like it.

We live in a generation where a few years ago we would scoff at things like that being used like, who needs cell phone when there are so many phone booths all over the place? Yes the future has come down upon us with a raging fury that would make Attila the Hun proud. In our attempt to work faster and more proficient we have added on another level of stress and added stuff to clutter out minds with the ever-growing frustration to make money to buy more stuff!

I now try to tackle the task to learn how to maneuver thru this land of Apps, shortcuts and their little buttons and social networking issues. I know in the end these things will allow me to create more and work faster and hopefully reach out more to people like yourself. I am really hoping that if I can do a few things in this life it would be to share my music with the world and try to encourage folks all around the globe that there is hope for a better day and a better future.

If you have any ideas , websites, personal helps that you have found in your endeavors to gain understanding with your phone apps or your social networking why not share with every one here, perhaps you will share some wisdom to us folks who are trying not to turn the thing off by sending an email. Remember to smile it is contagious.

Rock on!
Mark Allan Wolfe



So I am sitting here contemplating years gone by. It is Sunday and I am slowly working on my work that I have promised myself I would try to take care of through out last week. I am slowly updating my website at working on changing a few words and updating stuff. When I am attacked by my arch Nemesis A.D.D I think they call it, starts with the songs changing on my MP3 player lol.
I am rocking out to THE WHO from days long ago and I start to get these twitter messages and then it is all over. I am no longer working but surfing and tweeting and saying hello to strangers but hey that is how I probably met you right?

So as I was saying I wanted to be serious for a moment and encourage you who are writing music and trying to get ahead. You work all day and night when you can trying to make your music heard, spreading the news and all that stuff. I tell you it works if you faint not. I wanted to encourage your heart to press onwards and keep learning, trying and moving for you never know who may find your music or read your blog. Hey think of it this way you r reading mine and I am dong the same thing you’re doing.

I was going to ask you all as well as to what you might want to hear about in these blogs. Would you like to learn something, read about how I wrote the songs, or just tell about the day-to-day experience of being a composer, musician and Father not in any special order? I will leave it up to you , you let me know what it is you’re wanting to learn about or read and with that I will bid you a good evening for I have some pretty long ramblings as my friends will attest to.

Meet the new Boss, Same as the old Boss!!