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Well I wanted to drop a quick update on things. Life has been crazy these past few months then again when is it not crazy. We have just finished a lengthy move still in the ATLANTA area but moved more out in the country so to speak, so I can turn it up REAL LOUD!

Moving the studio took what seemed like forever because as my wife says “Even my wires have wires?!” Then to have to try to remember how to recalibrate everything to fit your new location but I dig it. I like this space here for it gives me a bit more room and a totally different ambience something I have not experienced like in years. I cannot wait to see and hear what comes out of it. It is amazing what a little candle light and LED lights can do especially with some exotic incense and blacklight posters. Well maybe not the black light posters but you get the vibe. I will poste some pictures here soon once I find the time to take a few.

One thing during the move that was a drag was the fact that I had cut my hands several times with razor blades and boxes along with other health problems made the process more lengthly than usual but we made it and we are on the road to recovery as they say. I never really found out who THEY were yet but when I do I will let you know.

I also have had some great successes as of late with a lot of my music finding placements with in a load of TV shows and cable shows that have been airing on A&E, Bravo, NAT GEO and a few others. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for several production clients and libraries that do all the hard work in finding these placements and the people who dig my music thank you for the support.

I am still working on trying to sort things out with some past clients as well with regards to some Coca cola adds, GM and Microsoft but we are moving forwards and trying to leave the past behind. Forging NEW relationships and building NEW bridges to the future. I am thankful for all of you with whom I have had the joy of working with this past year. it has beena joy to work with all of you to create new music, to find new places to promote the music to bodly go where no man has gone, no wait that is a TV show, at any rate you got the picture.

If you are new to this website and new to my music and vision I say hello and thank you for tuning into this craziness. welcome, I hope I get the chance to make a lot of music with many of you over this coming year and I trust that you listen to my music and decide to send in some of your music for consideration.

I will write another blog later to share more info with you but I wanted to start the year out with a statement of trust and faith for a better year than last. I trust your hearts grow stronger and your vision gets clearer and your dreams become a reality this new year. STay in touch and stay connected. ROCK on to some of the music you find here, I also have several videos and commercial links as well.

If I can help anyone find the music for their production I would be more than happy to help you all yo have to do is share with me what your worrking on.

Mark Allan Wolfe


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