Hope is something we all need and feed upon. To have no hope is to not have life I feel. For what causes you to awaken every morning, but the HOPE that this day will be better than the next. I want to encourage your hearts that there is ONE who causes all things to work for HIS good. I have pondered that statement for sometime and it does not say that it will be easy,not hurtful, pain free, but He cause ALL things to work together for our good.

I wonder if we really truly believe this? I know sometimes it is very hard to have hope when the hour is chasing you down, there is no money no nothing but determination and grite, to get it done.

I challenge you to keep on moving to not stop but spit in the face of life’s hardship and crush it’s neck and declare to the world ; YUOU WILL NOT KEEP ME DOWN!!!!! I may be strugglin now and there may be a fight but praise God the morning is coming where all this will pass and the new day will arise and there will be no remembracne of these hurtful things. I know when we face the hardsahips of the day that it is easier to just roll over and quit….but you never know the greatest treasure of your life maybe over the next horizn or across this desert plains. KeepĀ  on moving on pilgrim your going to make it if you do not quit!!


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