The music of Mark Allan Wolfe

When you mail your CD to the companies, make sure it is clearly marked to the attention of the supervisor’s name. Keep your package as simple as possible. On the outside of the package write “Music CD” so it is clear what’s in the package. Include a simple cover letter that explains you would like your music to be considered for use in one of their productions. Also, clearly identify the track(s) on the album you would like them to listen to. Don’t just send them a full CD and expect them to sit down and listen to the whole thing until they hear something they like. Make sure you write your contact information directly one the CD, too. This way, if the music director looses your cover letter, they will still know how to contact you.

ImageNo one will ever care for your music as much as you. No one will ever take the time to do what you do about your own music. When you send it out, you have to do it right. for you only have one chance. When I first started out no one told me how to do it. It took time, patience hard work and faith, among other things.

You should even get a nice folder, fancy paper and stickers labels perhaps to stick on CD or DVD cover so you can print the song list on it with all your contact info on it so it can be read properly. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard about music supervisors taking CD that come in with nothing , no paper or anything and tossing it in the trash. If you do not care about it why should they?





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