A few thoughts for the Season

I know that this is a very busy time of the year for many reasons,trying to finish a project before the end of the year,family and friend get together s, shopping and everything else. I wanted to add my voice to the cacophony of voices in your head to remind you of the one reason we celebrate this wonderful time of year. Jesus. Who would have thought that just at the very mention of this name that people would cringed, hearts will find hope and darkness flee. The wonderful baby boy that was bprn on this day would change the hearts and minds of men and woman all through out history.

I wanted to get every one who stopped by my humble website or blog to take a minute to reflect on this past year. Think about your past achievements, failures, problems, victory’s and blessings. Remember how it was so dark at times that you did not think you would make it, and other times it was so awesome you thought it was the best thing this side of Glory.

Take courage my friend the same trials and struggles that you face were dealt with 2000 years ago by a little baby helpless in a manger. Who would have thought that the creator of all the universe would humble himself and take the form of an infant, helpless human child and change the world. That God would take the form of man and give HIS life away so WE could live. I am amazed and humbled. I know some of you do not believe all of this and that is your buisiness I understand that. All I can tell you is that in believing the Gospel story and taking HIM into my heart and living it out everyday this has changed my life. I think it has also changed the life of those around me. I know it has. So if you are finding that you have no hope or visotry, no strength to face the day, lay your fears aside. Take hold of the One who holds you and learn to live daily by His side. Take into your sould HIS life so that you may live. I ask you what have you got to loss? What is the worst that is going to happen to you?
If I an millions of others were wrong then for the worst all we had was peace while on this earth and we leanred to love everyone and did good deeds. If I am wrong than we lost nothing but gained the whole world and then some if we are right.
So what is it about this baby during these days that makes so many un comfortable? others get happy and blessed? I think because we all know in our heart of hearts that this child is the SON of GOD who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus the reason for the season.

I trust that you will all find help in your hearts and find encouragement for your lives during these days. Enjoy my music and if you get blessed by it than by all means let me know. If you even think is sucks I would ask that you let me know that as well.



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