So I am sitting here contemplating years gone by. It is Sunday and I am slowly working on my work that I have promised myself I would try to take care of through out last week. I am slowly updating my website at working on changing a few words and updating stuff. When I am attacked by my arch Nemesis A.D.D I think they call it, starts with the songs changing on my MP3 player lol.
I am rocking out to THE WHO from days long ago and I start to get these twitter messages and then it is all over. I am no longer working but surfing and tweeting and saying hello to strangers but hey that is how I probably met you right?

So as I was saying I wanted to be serious for a moment and encourage you who are writing music and trying to get ahead. You work all day and night when you can trying to make your music heard, spreading the news and all that stuff. I tell you it works if you faint not. I wanted to encourage your heart to press onwards and keep learning, trying and moving for you never know who may find your music or read your blog. Hey think of it this way you r reading mine and I am dong the same thing you’re doing.

I was going to ask you all as well as to what you might want to hear about in these blogs. Would you like to learn something, read about how I wrote the songs, or just tell about the day-to-day experience of being a composer, musician and Father not in any special order? I will leave it up to you , you let me know what it is you’re wanting to learn about or read and with that I will bid you a good evening for I have some pretty long ramblings as my friends will attest to.

Meet the new Boss, Same as the old Boss!!


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