After reading a LOT of your mail and a lot of hard work I will be releasing 3 new cd’s full of some great guitar rock and instrumental jams here shortly hopefully with in the next week or two. They will be release world wide with press releases a few videos and the whole kitchen sink actually. I just need to finish mastering a few more tracks and finalizing the artwork for the 7th CD out of my collection which will be the 2nd out of the two. More on this as it develops through out the week. Fans will definately dig this with guitar jams that you all dig like FREEDOM and Wastin Time,Time Traveler and The Rapture new songs like MOVE It, and a few new ones like I said. Keep following these updates for release dates and also visit AMAZON and google music,, grooveshark, Jango and IMRadio plus a host of other online stations playing my music.


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