News FLASH Mark Allan Wolfe music placed in Movie

Hey guys,

Just thought I would let you in on some cool news! I just finnished making a commercial for Alright!! It is about time huh, I know but it is finished. I wish I could say that about my re organizing my music library. I put together a small demo sample with some info on it to help spread the word. I was thinking about creating a few of them so I can maybe have you guys my fans help me spread the word. I will get into that a little later on maybe. I am thinking about having a contest and a few other things to inspire a few folks.

Please let me know what you all think about my commercial. I am going to be creating a little video clip as well. I think it would help if people saw some of my music already in place. I almost forgot that my music was placed in a very cool snowboard video check it out here; I will keep you all posted.


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