Hey there everyone in cyberspace. Just a note to bring everyone of you my fans,producers and music supervisor that I work for and create music for. I have signed a few more deals just recently and I am very excited. I have had some of my art work placed in a pilot episode for a tv show being filmed. The picture below is what will be onair if the show gets picked.

wolfe space

Band logo

I also have been working on creating another CD to be released soon. I have been working on putting together some really great material. The main problem I have is which songs to pic to place on the disc. I know it sounds silly but I wsrite so many songs that I become favorable to some more than others.

I recently posted a song called,”Christmas Wish” which I happen to like a lot. It reminds me of many songs from the Christmas season, yet it is a little different. I am hoping that someone will pick that up as well as a few others I have been working on. The song is some what of a take on, “God rest ye merry gentleman” but it is a little more rocky and has some killer guitar jams laced thru out.

Another song I wrote is called, “Sometimes” which would be perfect for something like the Sons of Anarchy or something so I am told by a new friend of mine.  The song is a bluesy electronis jam yet very subtly so as not to over power your ears.

One other song I really like is called, “Still in love with you”  this is another of songs written for my sweetheart. I have left the words out for now until I decide what to place them in or not. I like the song because it starts out slow as to grab you and hypnotize you then slowly the lead comes in like a python and the next thing you know your like wow where did that thing come from, hey it sounds pretty cool.

I know I am wierd but I understand myself here in my world. I have lot more songs and cues as well but I do not feel like telling you every name and all. If your interested email me and I can send you a disc or something.

I also have been on rotation on a few more radio stations across the USA and around the world. One station is WDSP 1280AM

On emusic




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