Mark Allan Wolfe UPDATES

Hey there everyone, It has been a while since I actually sat down and tried to actually write something. So I decided I better get on with it before I forget or my phone rings.
Here is a new recording of me playing MACHINE GUN by Jimi Hendrix

[soundcloud url=”″]

A lot of great things are beginning to take form and music is getting placed and people are signing with us everyday. We are humbled at the great things and doors that are opening. I have had a few more of my tracks selected for some great TV commercials as well as the WEB. Been trying to forge new relationships and networking partners.

I have been finding some great new bands that I am sure will continue onwards to achieve higher heights.
Looking forward to the future and all that it holds. I know for a lot of you myself included times get tough now and then but keep on keeping on and do not stop trying. Eventually you will get to the place that you have been striving for.


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