Well here I am trying to find a way to write a million things into one paragraph…not happening. What I thought I would do is drop a note out to let you that are reading , a little update on what is going on with Mark Allan and Wolfie’s Music Publishing.

I have some great news that one of my commercials with my music for CHEVY is been getting great reviews as well as high Neilson Ratings for the 2nd quarter in row. I am humbled and thankful at the same time. Even though I may have had a small portion in this commercial it makes me thrilled to no end that my song has been used in such a cool commercial. You may have seen it where the young boy is trying to teach this other young man to salute. When the boys father comes home from serving in the service or something drives home in a Chevy and the boy runs up to him and salutes him.

I will write more updates in a bit if you have seen the commercial or if you have been enjoying my music please give me a shout. Alos check out a few of my other blogs and all. You may find something cool or learn something. Thank you all of you who have listened, wrote, emailed and spoke to me about your encouragement and for sharing how some of my music has helped you either find some peace or in a project.some where.


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