Another day, another learning experience

Well my internet friends and family it is another day. Another try at reaching out, another day and stretching the hand across the sea of strangers to try and make friends. Another day of resisting the urges that come both good and bad. I wanted to give you a few inspirational thoughts to encourage you some how today.

I know that the greatest gift that you can give is yourself. When you need something you need to give that which you need away. I know sounds wierd but try it once. Go ahead and see what happens, I mean if you need some love give it, if you need a smile share it,if you need a friend be on, if you need money …give some. Wait a minute what did you just say? Give money away? I know sounds strange but you can talk about anything but when it comes to money you better be still because they will floor you.

How many times do you find that the above aforementioned maybe true. You need love give it away, and all that. When it comes to money the temperature changes. How and why is that? can it be that we are selfish little creature who deceive ourselves into thinking that we are not by deluding our conscience into thinking that we are special because we give our time and stuff away. You are really not giving until you give your money away. Wow that is a hum dinger how can you say that? Because that is the last thing we usually hold onto. Our wallet.

I know that some of us can do it with no problem but have a problem giving love or time to some one, yet money is easy to give away. It really is, we give it to the soda shop dude,the seven eleven,the online movie site, the cigars the things we WANT. When it comes to giving it to some stranger or to help some one that is a different story.

I would like to challenge all of you today. To give that which is the most hardest thing to give away today. Wether it be time, love, a smile, appreciation, and yes money. Watch and see what will happen. You may not see it at first but there will be a seed planted in your heart that will one day bring forth a harvest of righteousness. for both you and the person your giving it to.

It also works the other way I might add. To be selfish will also bring forth a harvest of trouble, sorrow and pain. Now you ask yourself why are you a musician telling me to give money away? You probably want it for yourself? I never even asked for any of it. I am sharing these little thoughts to you for the pure motvie to help make this world a little better for every one.

To challenge you to become a better person, to believe in your self to inspire is what me as an artist is to do. Not just to entertain. I am excited to think about everyone who is going to take these small steps today that what a better place this will be and how later you will email me and thank me for helping you become liberated and those that you blessed will be so happy they will do the same.

In Love

Mark Allan Wolfe


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