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Hey everyone,

Just thought I might bring you guys up to date with some great new songs just created. I think so anyways. I have been in the studio here cranking out a bunch of new ones. I think my biggest problem and joke is I make them so fast I cannot remember there names and I sometimes find that I go mastering a few songs and turn around and go back and mix the same songs twice. That’s silly and shows my do de do mind set at times.

I really think they are great songs, Ijust need to remember where to place them for every on to listen. I have some cool rock guitar songs like; “Fircracker”, “sugar baby”,”Hammer”,”Draft”,”Mother of pearl”, “Push it”, “Pop rocks”; to some groovine acoustic jams like;” Time”,”Acoustic pedals”,”Saturday”.

Then there are some other songs that I cannot describe more or less like mellow mystical,meditation type songs that seem to come from out of thin air. I like when I stay up late, record a song and I am totally into the thing when I am making it, but forget about it and the next day I’ll be working and see this file and go what is that song, “Oh yeah dude that song is killer!” Go ahead and laugh but I think some of you might know what I am talking about. When you are like me and got a million things going on at once, a note log to keep notes on what your notes.

Well I am trying to get caught up, if you feel like helping me out and becoming part of something verycool and want to help then send me an email. If you find that you want to buy a cd or down load an album please visit my website, or itunes or AMAZON and look for me I am also on

I also have anoter song called “Sugar Baby” great for extreme sports,sports videos and action sequencing. Feel free to visit the sites and contact me if you would like more info regarding how I can help you get the music you need for your next productions.

Mark Allan Wolfe


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