Sorry for the delay in getting back I have been freaking trying to catch my breath with everything going on not just in my life but also with the music business and all,

I will say that the stuff you sent me was pretty good. I would focus on making the music that you most feel comfortable with. As you learn over time and expand your creativity those things will grow with it. I liked it I thought it was good, but I think you need to continue to write stuff that your most comfy in. Do not try to be something your not. That does not mean do not try to explore new ideas, it just means at this time when you record focus on what your great at.

The one song you sent strings 1 master that was pretty cool it might find a place, the master 2 was cool and all but I do not think I can use it.

The other songs you sent are cool I just do not remember the names of all of them. I want to encourage you to keep sending stuff. Experiment and all be creative, but at this point do not stray into an area that your not 100% got it down. What I mean in another way isfor instance. I love like classical music, but I have a difficult time for some reason trying to orchestrate it and make it sound totally awesome. It is not that I cannot do it, but most of the time it is the songs that I know inside and out that get licensed or shopped. I just recently this past year have felt strong enough to start offering like hip hop. kind of material or beats and all. I do not listen to that stuff it just comes to my head. I can create guitar jams all day long acoustic stuff all day long why? because it is in my heart it is who I am. So until you really get it down stay with what your comfy with. Always try to explore and expand but when your shopping it around try to stay with in your area of groove.

You know I think I may take what I am telling you and share a bit more in one of my blogs because I tell this to so many others that this needs to be shared. I need to hear it to dude trust me. People will come to me and ask for a certain song sound. I tell them sure I can do it. I try and to no avail it is like forcing a square through a round hole and the listeners hear it. So if you make pop rock be the best at pop rock if you make new wave be the best at new wave. Always explore your options and try to sharpen them but do not leave your roots for the sake of trying to impress people.

Anyways stay in touch keep sending me stuff. I will listen and try to do what I can I have found that in this market today you never know from one day to the next what may happen.

Mark Allan Wolfe


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