Music Update!

Well if you have been keeping up to date with what has been going on you would know that there are a lot of wonderful things going on in our lives and with the Music of Mark Allan Wolfe and Wolfie’s Music Publishing. For starters we just signed a few more agreements with a couple of new catalog companies to help promote and spread my music abroad. I am excited about the prospects but ultimatly I guess it depends on wether the music is good enough for the clients.

Right now as I am sitting here typing this I am being blessed by listening to a new song I wrote called “Talkin Dolphins”; a very sublte jam with a laid back groove. Very mellow with a hypnotic melody and bass line that sort of helps you get into a peaceful state of mind and spirit. I would recomend to check it out.

There is also another tune called;”Captova key” has a nice vibraphone and congos to make you want to go get a bahama mama, no that is a drink by the way, and sit down under a palm tree and chill out with the waves in the background.

Sometimes, well most of the time when I write, they come so fast and I record them to get the ideas out I forget what I record. I may dig a few right off the bat and I listen to those but then I find that some of the other songs are really dynamite and chilaxing.

Wow! That is so much like how I am in life too. I mean I get all stirred up in my heart over something and go after it full throttle, and I sometimes forget to look at the flowers along the path and miss out on the beauty of the journey. Help me Jesus to not be that way anymore. I wonder if you feel that way as well? Do you go after something and forget to smell the flowers along the way. I am really liking these songs I wrote that I mentioned, great for Sunday morning sunrise and coffee with the birds in the background singing along. Makes for a great, hopefilled heart to swell over and burst onto this typewritter and flow thru these words to your mind.

Back to what I was saying,

I just finnished creating a load of fast, hard hitting guitar promo cues a few of them pitching to FOX so keep your hand inside the vehicle and buckle your seat beat and hold on tight this maybe a wild ride. I also had my song;”Racing”placed in a independant film. The song racing is a type ofblood pumping,gear charging hit the ground running rock song. So when the film is set to be released I will let you know that as well.

I have had a few other placements and songs release this past month but I do not remember the titles right this moment. I can post them onlineĀ  later today. I would also ask that some of you would take a few of these songs and place them on your sites,share them with your friends and help me spread the word. You never know who may be listening or may want to use the songs. That isthe beauty of the web, you never really know who is doing what, or when, and deffinatly why.

Let me know how you been using the jams, you never know I may just post your words online unless you tell me to keep it under wraps.

Be sure to also visit my myspace blog and to bookmark this one to stay up to date with everything. If you have anyideas or thoughts about things please write me and share them with me. If you do not mind I may place them online unless you tell me with those as well.

Rock on everyone and May the LORD richly bless you as you seek His face…..

Mark Allan Wolfe


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