I wanted to tell the world that Wolfie’s Music (ascap) a division of Mark Allan Wolfe¬† is going to be creating guitar driven music and acoustic rock n roll, available for licensing. Now there still will be available electronic and orchestral songs and cues but for the most part I am going to be creating guitar driven cues. From heart pounded, flesh melting shreeding , to soft pillows, meditating, eat some mushrooms, world peace camp fire music.

If you are making an action packed scene or extreme sports to car crashing smash ups you will like the crisp clarity of the double humbucker and the familar tone of a Fender strat. Something  else that you may find interesting is that it is new, music that is current yet slightly different. Music that is ahead of its time. I feel that a lot of my music has been from a different perspective. I am a guitar player making music from that point of view not a keyboard player playing a sampler filled with sounds and textures.

Not to say that there are people who cannot do this but it is like me trying to play polka when I am a guitar player. I understand the dynamics of the instrument where someone who only uses samples of one cannot accurately create the same ambiance.

I will also be making available acoustic guitar based cues and songsthat will warm your heart and also make you want to sing along. Of course there will always be a little of variety of instruments utilized in this process but the main instruments of choice will be the guitar in various forms.

I have been wanted to make this known for sometime now, about the guitar based cues and thought it was time to make the annoucment. I have also been creating various cues that are pretty close to the stuff used on FOX for “House” and “Lie to Me”. I am not trying to sound like the dude but I mentioned it because that is what some of my producer friends relate to as they email me.

If this sounds like somthing you may be interested in please do not hesitat to contact me. If you are also a professional vocalist and would like to collaborate with me then lets work together to creat something really special.

I wanted to also thank all my friends and fans and all of you that take the time out every now and then who drop me a line to say hello. I am glad that my music has been an ecouragement to you and to those of you who are music supervisoer thanks for using my cues and my music. I am glad that we have opend these doors.

Also please take time to visit my other BLOG posted at “Mark Allan Wolfe Blogged thoughts”

This is where I also place different thoughts and share my ideas with people. If you are interested in learning more about my newest projects and staying in contact with me that I urge you to email me and let me know what you are thinking and how I can help you.

Thank you for listening

Mark allan Wolfe

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