Pink Floyd one of the best bands ever

I must say that over the years there has not been a many a bands who can take you from point A to point B without your permission and then leave you asking why did I fear in the first place. I have been listening to classic rock music and creating it for almost 30 yrs, I started out early what can I say. I have to say I think in all reality my first album I heard when I can remember the whole of music was “DARKSIDE of the Moon” That strange dark album with a triagle and rainbow how simple yet causing such curiosity. Of course they have many many other albums with as many jams on them and thought provoking music yet nothing to want to make you kill yourself or kill some one. Just simple progressive music that stired your heart and lifted your mind.

Well I am a huge fan always will be and have been. You go thru different phases with there music you can listen to one album over and over yet always hear something different. I have been rocking to THE WALL today.

This album when it first came out twisted my young mind into a puzzle and quagmire of spagetiti and left me wnating more. I always knew of those friends of mind who after ingestinging large wuantities of mind altering substances where left wanting in their mind and felt very disturbed by the images left behind by the lyrics of this record. I must say at first hearing it when I was what 13, I had know idea but thought that some songs where freaky. Now that I am older and wiser by some standards of thinking, I see musically what they were trying to do.

One of my favorite memories was driving in a car with some friends of mine, it made no difference where we were going we always had the tape playing THE WALL, and one day the tape player started to play tapes backwords! I must say that when you are smoking dope and what not it was pretty cool, sounded just as cool. But I know that none of my other fellow proffesional breathren never have dabbled in such antics. Well I am not proud but I did have some fun during those days. I wish I could go back and try to tell myself to stop but it happened and that is why I am so thankful to GOD for having mercy upon me! He not only delievered me from things I was doing but He straightened my mind and restored to me my mind if I may so boldly say.

Rock on


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