IN Focus

IN Focus. and Wolfe’s Music Publishing presents another quality video of the music of Mark Allan Wolfe my song called. “Heavens Gate” set to a relaxing video of creation and it is all 100% original copyrighted material.

I have more than 800 songs available for immediate licensing and for your next video production at just a fraction of what most production houses or other wonderful composers charge you can have access to some of today’s hottest and best music.

Please take a moment to visit my website at and see why music supervisors and producers like to use my music from COKE, Best BUY, Bud light and many others. Give me a shout and let’s create something wonderful.

Mark Allan Wolfe

I think this would be one of the BEST videos I have made yet a total rock jam but yet not in your face. You may ask why I do this, I say WHY NOT. Please share these videos of mine help me get my music into the right hands as I help you.

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