A few more thoughts for today

I have been contemplating on what to write where to write and who am I writing to? I have a blog on my one myspace website and this blog I also have a million other things I write for people and share thoughts all around the world. So I ask myself where do I write the info from my heart and the spiritual things or where do I write the just musical things? I know some of you do not care but then again some of you may!?

So I will leave these things up to you my fans, what do you want to know about my music or the thoughts behind the music? Let me know until then I will write a little of both. I must say I have recently added a few widgets to my pages online here and everywhere that enable you to download for free my songs if you dig them. Let me know what songs you like or if I can help you at all with your productions.

I also just made some very extreme rock guitar songs that may take the paint off your walls while you listen to them so hold steady, a songs called Firecracker, Poprocks and Hammer are ones to look for. Until next time kiddies rock on for the KING!


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