A little update

It’s been a long time since I’ve written something. So I thought I would take this Easter weekend to try to bring everybody up to speed all want to first. Wish everyone a very happy Easter and a blessed Good Friday to a lot of us Christians in the world this day in this weekend mean more then even our birthdays for some of us.

This past month has been a wonderful experience for me and Wolfie’s publishing we have had our music placed in a wide variety of outlets sources from films and TV shows and website TV shows to computer games and mobile phone apps. I have seen my music placed in online radio stations around the world as well as land-based stations. I have been very humble and very thankful.

I have also found and met a lot of wonderful people, people who enjoy music and enjoy its creation as well as wonderful people in general. I’ve been amazed at technology and how it is being used how I can meet people from England and talk to people from Australia while listening to music from Germany and e-mailing somebody in Italy all at the same time it is quite cool. Even now I am using this wonderful dictation software to help me write this blog.

As most of you know who know me I love to talk and my brain does not move as fast as my hand LOL so for me to find a technology where I could just talk into a microphone and have my computer tell me or print what I’m saying is a marvelous time saver. The problem is I have to talk slower for the computer to keep up with my brain, but it is all good. New technology new way of doing things I wish I had this 20 years ago.

I have also updated my website and periodically I will be adding more music to it and different columns and different defaults in different ideas laced throughout its pages. I have put new music on the music page I have added new links on the links page and I have also tried to make some news headlines that reflect a law of what I’m doing. But I have been very blessed in the area of having more stuff being made and created. I have now almost 600 songs and queues available for immediate licensing and downloading with more songs being made readily available every day

So I invite you to browse through my website take a listen to some new songs and maybe discover what was behind the creation of some songs or maybe read how I recorded these songs. With that I will invite you to click here and when you’re done reading and listening please feel free to e-mail me here and tell me what you think of my music or about anything you have read.


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