An insight into TAKE ME BACK a song by Mark Allan Wolfe

As I was listening tonight to a song I wrote called “Take me back” a song about my journey to Isreal back in 1993. It was an amazing time and it is an amazing song. Have you ever had an experience of something that was so outrageous, so out of this world that you could not tell of it? Well I have and actually still do by the way.

I was standing in the KING DAVID HOtel I think is called in Jerusalem and a friend of mine told me that ” Once you get on the plan to come home you will feel as if you have left a piece of your heart here, because this has become your second home” I thought about that and often do from time to time and I agree with him. Well when I was taking off to come home flying down the runway with the sun rising in the east and I started to get all teary eyed thinking of the history of this land and the experiences that I had shared, the wonderful people I had met. I was so moved when I came home I sat in the middle of my family room floor and wrote this song thru the tears and memories. A divine enchated time


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