A block in the road

Well my day started out like any normal day, rolled out of bed, said hello to my dogs, listened to the cracking of my bones and tried to wake up. Little did I know the joy that lay ahead of me as grabbed my coffee and made my way to my studio to record,check email and work on some very important projects and hit the ON button……………………

I guess you can tell from my sarchasim that my computer crashed. Yes I once again joined that chorus of would have, should have, could have……sort of did? My computer was atttacked by a wonderful thing called a virus or trojan or something. So after I learned of the fate I was in I had to make the decision that we all loath on making. Go I hit the RED button or delay the enevitable?

You see when your computer gets hit like that the only thing that can be done is to nuke it, and re format the HARD DRIVE. Which means you LOSE everything on it, and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!

It happens to a lot of us hence they make back up drives which of which I do have 2 of them very large ones I might say. One is a tetrabite or something and the other is like 500 gigs. All I know is that they are big and they get full very fast. A few years ago I had the same problem but then I had NO BACK UP!!! oh my sakes I was bumming I lost everything and had no way to back anything up.

Now when it happened I was fortunate to have the back up, I had learned sort of from my earlier disaster or did I???That was the question eating at me and still knawing at me. as I type this while I am reloading EVERYTHING THAT IS EVERYTHING. I must say that for the most part I did not loss much. Just a full day of productivity, some pride, and patience.

I have this inner eternal optimism going on and I thought of the fact that at least I had backed up just about everything. It will make my computer run a bit faster by cleaning everything off that has slowed it down, and tweaked everything that needs to be tweeked. I also thought what if I did not save everything? How much more would I be triping in my head? I mean for the most part I lost, passwords, (that can be given back), Website book marks (that can be found again), time which I can never get back.

I say ALL of this to warn you my fellow musicians and computer nerds, and just about everyone else who is reading this. It goes without saying that most of us who are reading this have the better part of our lives online or on a computer. I mean our pictures,family memories, ideas, passwords, banking info,social security numbers many of us keep on a computer.

Then there are those of us who keep al of our work on there or online? Let me ask you, “what would you lose if your computer crashed?” Imagine everything on your computer was stolen or never to be retrieved again? Would you be out of luck? I find it funny that when we ALL hear of people warning us to back things up, or get insurance or something and we say we will never need it, or I will get it later. Unfortunatly it then is to late.

I would like to say to all of you spend a few bucks and back up everything you have. Maybe like when you do spring cleaning you can go thru your computer from time to time and save those things which if you lost you would be bumming. Or back up your projects EVERY time you work on them. You will be so glad that you do.

There are a variety of ways to back up your files. Burn to a disc,save to asmart card, save to a USB hard drive or even online there are a multitude of companies that will do this for a small fee. It will be worth it. Like I said earlier the worst so far is that I was incoveinenced but luckily that is all that seems to have happened. I also have learned yet again another lesson in the importance of saving everything.

We have car insurance, health insurance, life insurance what about computer insurance. Even the least bit will maybe save you a lot of grief one day. More in the days to come

Mark Allan Wolfe


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