What’s next?

I have been doing a lot of online promoting of my music since 4/09 and I think it is starting to pay off abit I am proud to say that I have passed a million hits on myspace.com/markallanwolfe with almost as many downloads. I am very happy and encouraged because I have barely spent any money on it so I can assume that it is because a lot of people like my music. I have also seen this happening on my personal web site with nearly 6000 hits aday at www.markallanwolfe.com.

So I ask myself this question, “What’s next?” I need to convert the downloads and visits to actual purchases and returning customers right? Of course. How do I do this? Well for instance you need to keep your site up to date all the time. Stay on top of things and try not to be sloppy or take things for granted.

Stay tuned for more on this later

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