Monthly Archives: December 2011

Interesting day

I am just going thru some mixes of mine that I need to master, re mix and teak. I am also trying to install Pro tools updates and deciding whether to stay a Sonar Producer devotee or make the leap over to Pro Tools for good? Hmm the answer may never be made known. Yet it must be explored. I know many of my associates swear by it, others would prefer something all together different. I guess it all determines on what your doing and what your recording and all.

I am liking the fact that there is NO learning curve in the software you already know but then they are all the same in some sense of the word and all but you never know some one has a different view on some stuff and then you just got to figure it out for yourself. I guess it is almost like Pepsi and COKE in reality perhaps I am wrong, I am sure some one will let me know. I am working on making new tracks available soon so I guess I will let you all know the difference when I get there..


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