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A new song “A childs prayer”

I recently created this song over the Holiday weekend and thought you might enjoy it. Please feel free to comment on it, share it and let me know and others what you thought about it. It is basically an acoustic melody based around a child soloist and choir. Very relaxing and mellow yet deep and moving.

For more please visit my website at for more info and music.

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NEWS Update

Well most of you who know me have heard by now some of the great things that have been happening with my music and the doors that seem to be opening over hear. I just thought I would sort of share a bit with you in the hopes of bringing some encouragement to your heart and maybe some interest as well.

Most of you know that I have been creating music for years and been working at this full time for a while now. I have been very blessed working with a few individuals who have allowed me a platform to share my music with the world. One of those platforms is Mofilm Film Competitions. I have been a provider of music for this service and competitions for some time now and I have been blessed with many of these winners films going on into TV or web commercials.

Some of my music has been place with in Tv ads ranging from products to Natarja, from private organizations to worldwide corporate sponsors. It brings me such happiness to get emails from folks I never knew from all over the globe sharing with me how they dig my music. I am amazed because when I first started to make music and record it and make cd’s and all, never did I imagine that some one from the middle of no where would ever listen let alone enjoy my music.

I was recently contacted by an individual who had purchased an mp3 player used from a market place India, who heard my music that was left on the player. Once he had heard the music he mentioned that he had to track me down somehow which he did through you got it facebook and then my website. Now he shares the jams with all of his friends and family and who know how else this will go on.

I will bring you more updates over the next few days but I am in the proof updating my website to reflect more of the commercials I have already had on tv all over the globe. I think some of them are funny and others pretty serious none the less I am very encouraged. I am thankful for all of you who listen and support me in what I am doing. Please continue to share your thoughts and words with me, for you never know how far they will go.


Well we are under a tornado warning so please pray for everyone in our area VERY bad weather coming all night. I was in the middle of recording when the lights flickered..time to STOP


Gardening and the music business

So your reading this Blog either by accident or you have come through here to learn something. You read the title and ask yourself , “What is this guy talking about?” Well I will tell you…

I am in my backyard trying to get it all straightened up since the winter is over and spring is finally here. I have been putting it off for some time but had to get it all done or at the very least started. So I have this small space in the back that has been blocked off for gardening and last year we started a tomato garden and everyone said now way will it last or work. As life would have it I yielded a few tomatoes but I learned much more than I thought I would.

I noticed how the music business and gardening is almost parallel well sort of maybe more allegorical. As we try to make our connections and reach out to managers, music supervisors, creative directors, A&R , film directors and what not. We are trying to build a career much like growing a garden. Yet so many of you do not want to admit , YOU HAVE NO IDEA ON HOW TO GROW A GARDEN!

Now I must admit I am learning I have no full knowledge of both so before you start to get angry with me I just wanted to make that clear. I was just working and thought how profound that gardening was and how it applies to just about all of the things we partake in. From our personal faith to music and our pressing on to gain a foot hold in the business.

Mark allan wolfe at the water fal in northern georgia

We need to clear out all of the weeds and garbage that is in our way, the stuff that makes it hard to be a success. We need to dig out all of the rocks, old plastic bottles and junk that represents those wrong ideas we have and the wrong motives. We need to make sure that the soil is perfect and ready for planting. You have the hard ground and maybe bring in some good soil in order for success to permeate.

When we take the steps to move forwards and get these items taken care of it is then that we can begin to plant with our ideas and let them grow. For instance, we need to gain knowledge and understanding on all of these things we are trying to do and get. We need to be willing to be made willing so to speak. If we are teachable there is hope for us to grow. For no one man knows all about any one subject. You may know a lot of something but you never know ALL.

We need tpo persevere into learning all we can, caring for our garden as much as we can. For it is when we care for it, removing all the weeds making sure it has everything it needs to grow that the miracle of life happens. Hence I believe it is with out dreams and with your own business. If you care for it, take the steps to make sure your doing it right you will succeed.

You need to practice every day, study every day, reach out and network all of these things seem to be essential for grow. If your doing drugs or partying being foolish with your time how do you ever think you will grow? For instance if you want your music to be hear by the right people how do you think this will happen? Most of us think that, if I just make the music and post it on myspace someone will hear it and freak out, email you and be like, DUDE you are the best!

What steps are you taking? What is your one year goal? Your five year goal? What is your budget for these dreams to come true? How much time do you spend in trying to market yourself if any? Are your goals realistic? What do you know about the business your trying to break in. I am just trying to be helpful and realistic. The record business is going through some radical changes and has been, how are you positioning yourself to reap the most benefits?

Well I hope this is made you think a bit, made you take a moment to stop, think of a game plan and focus your mind on achieving your goals. I am going to write more about this but I challenge you to go deeper.

Mark Allan Wolfe