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New song called “SNOW DAY”

Well I figured out how to finally add songs to my blog here and I was so happy I thought I would share it with you of course. I invite all of you out there in blogger world to enjoy this jam I made while being snowed in obviously last week here in Atlanta. There was ice all over the roads, kids were out of school and I locked myself into my studio here and just tried to make some awesome music for placements into a variety of outlets from brand recognition to videos for xtreme sports.

If you would please just share some of your thoughts concerning some of these songs of mine, be kind though :o)
If you are a musician or a composer I would gladly share the same for you if you just tell me were to go.
If you would like to add to your links on your website or blog send me an email and I would love to say hello and share the links.

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Adva Mobile I Wish

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Just watching American idol with my angel and wishing I had the guts to take a pair of plyers to a bad tooth in my mouth that I want to rip out I do not know which is worse my tooth ache or some of the singers

Share just uploaded a bunch of new songs for this week from alternative rock to scoring cues if your looking for something a little different then check it out music for film, tv and the web


Well the first day of a snow storm is come and gone still here had a great day mixing and tried to get things done between stoking the fire and watching the dogs run in the snow