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VIDEO: How to get Endorsed in the music industry

Hey there fellow musicians and music lovers, I found this video off a very great resource website and thought you guys would love to check it out as well. Please let both the author and me know if you dig it. I will be trying to start doing some of these things as well. The biggest problem is getting time to start. It is worth a shot if you do the step by step you might get it.

Look at

Very cool video explaining the step on getting endorsement deals.
By: RobChappers

What is an endorsement deal?

Apart from getting a record deal and hearing yourself played on the radio, having gear companies beating down your door to give you free stuff is a sure sign that you’re a proper guitar icon.

The problem is, unless you’re at the level described above, the only thing you’ll be getting for free is nine months to pay off the bill. Usually, you’re still gonna have to cough up, but you might be offered a discount on the full retail price of your gear.
How to get an endorsement deal

There are no hard and fast rules for who is eligible for an endorsement deal, and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It’d be cynical to suggest that endorsements are nothing more than a sideways form of marketing on a manufacturer’s part, but the reason you’ll be given an endorsement in the first place is because you have a profile.

As an example, a band that gigs locally, sometimes does small tours, and has no label affiliations will probably have to get in the queue for the till with the rest of us. However, if you’re touring regularly, getting some good support slots in decent-sized venues and getting coverage in magazines and on TV/radio, you stand a good chance of attracting Brand X’s attention.

For reasons we’ll point out in a moment, if you’re realistically in with a shot of getting an endorsement deal, you should choose the company for the right reasons..
The pros and cons of free gear

You’re probably starting to notice a pattern here – endorsements are directly related to a band or artist’s level of success. People come and watch you play, check your website, and give you media coverage. All the while you’re using branded gear.

Of course, there are obvious plus points for the artist, too. If you’re touring internationally, it’s common to have the gear you specify provided for you in different countries, and you’ll often get access to a wealth of loan instruments for recording (even if you don’t get to keep them).

However, there’s no such thing as a free lunch – it’s a two-way street. Once you get to the level that manufacturers throw free gear at you, you’ll be expected to help market their gear. This means that you’ll be contractually obliged to use their gear at all performances, take part in advertising campaigns and demonstrate at events. Get caught using another brand’s guitar/amp/pedal, and you might find the well dries up pretty quickly.

Perhaps the greatest irony is that once you get to this stage, you’ll be able to afford to buy your gear anyway!



Well I see it has been a few days or more since I last placed something out here, I have been swamped with stuff really. I thought I would take a minute to share with you a bit of info and let you guys know what is happening in the realm of Wolfie’s Music and Mark Allan

I have recently signed an agreement where I am having my music exclusively placed on website and service. It is a place for filmmakers and directors to compete to have their videos chosen to represent certain brands all over the globe. So my music is getting downloaded and placed into a variety of commercials for viewing on Tv and the web. Some of the brands I am doing commercials for with them are, Wal Mart,AT&T, Frito’s, AXE and Mc Donald’s to name a few.

I also have been working on signing a record deal with an independent label who wants to place my music into all sorts of iphone apps and videos for the world to hear and share. I am excited and as you can see just from a few of these my hands are full in just promoting all of this stuff and working on creating music.

I have taken on a few artists to help get their music licensed into a variety of different outlets and help promote their music to the world, as well as teaching them the things they need to know. This has proven to be a blessing and an encouragement to me as well. I love helping people and interacting with so many on different levels. I have been able to help a few and at the very least teach them stuff that I have been learning as well.

I have been in the process of updating my website, bringing some changes to keep current on a few things, and because I was getting bogged down with so many artist sending me stuff it was hard to give everyone the time needed in the things they are working on. I may start things back up again in the future but I will see how things go with everyone I am working with now.

I also have continued to have some of my music placed into a wide variety of TV shows both for terrestrial and internet based productions. My music even found its way into a Michael Jackson documentary about his homes and mansions that he had.

All in all it has been a wonderful time and an exciting time although sometimes a bit rough. I am very thankful for all of you that email me and listen and share my music. I also would like to thank you for buying my merch that is for sale in a few different stores. I will be adding more and more stuff to them as time goes on and I can find more time to add things to it. Take a moment to visit I will be creating an online store for anyone who is interested in buying my music. You can do it currently thru Amazon, Noisey Planet, Reverbnation and a few others but I am working on it.

I trust that you all will be encouraged and stay in touch
Mark Allan Wolfe