Monthly Archives: January 2010

A glimpse inside my mind in regards to my music

I wonder what some of you might think about my music? I get a lot of emails asking me lately to share what is some of the inspiration , motivation and meaning behind some of my music. So I thought I might take a minute to share with you these few thoughts.

To start of with I wanted to look at “Keep moving” This song is a rocker no doubt makes you want to move right or at least move your feet. I dig the groove and stlye of the beat.
I also like how the guitars sort of mingle together to bring everything in to a miture of pop rock,alternative and rock n roll Nothing to fancy but simple, not to flashy but approachable perfect for tv or maybe a film right?
Well the story behind it was I am constantly looking to make music for placements and I create at times a bulk of material in the spure of the moment and then theres times it takes forever to make the jams.
This song seemed to come to me so fast I could not grasp the depth of it until the many many times I have listened to it.
I love the guitar solo at the end. Believe it or not it was all the first take on the solo, no real editing now the rest of the song I edited but for the most part everything else was a one shot deal.


New Beginings

Well let’s just say that you need to be ready to make changes in your life and keep your eyes open. You never really know just when the door’s may open. I have been at this for sometime and one thing I am trying to learn is always be ready for the unexpected.