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Follow the dream

When you started out in this journey to follow your dream what ever they are, did you expect it to just come naturally? Did you expect the doors of opportunity to just open wide so you can just walk right in without payment? If you have then my dear friend you have bought into a lie that will probably destroy your heart.

Let me elaborate……….

I am in no way one that has achieved what I think is greatness but one thing I am taking a hold of is that in order for the dream to become a reality I must let go of what I think, and what I want and go with the flow of things, to bend with the program. You see we get discouraged and want to quit because it gets hard,difficult and people do not stop and cheer. But if you have your dreams firmly established on something other than yourself and your hopes built on the simpler things than you will find great satisfaction in the small things.

Now I know I am not talking about following a dream that is a sort of pie in the sky, but a reality check. If you think your going to be the next Mick Jagger, or Eddie Van Halen then go on and continue dreaming just watch your step because that first one is going to hurt.

If you plant your dreams in a real sense into something that can be reasonably accomplished than you will find simple satisfaction and every step towards the goal will bring you contentment. I have a dream, actually I have a few dreams. Some have been a long time in coming and some short-term goals are being attained even as we speak. I base my goals and my dreams into something that is attainable with hard work and drive. I map out in my heart what do I need to do to get there and begin to take baby steps to get there.

The thing is most will not have the patience to endure what needs to happen. You see in the building of your dreams you will be challenged to let go of a few ideas about yourself and life that may have held you down. The lies that people have told you,” that will never happen”, or ” Theres no way you can ever do that it is impossible” well dear one if you have that sort of thinking you will not even begin to try to start. You need to renounce those lies and begin to believe the unbelievable, map out strategies that will get you there and work hard at your goals.

Many will begin but after the race has gone on for some time they begin to whimper and wine and think that what is the use. They slowly stop and quit. Which is fine in one way because it is one less obstacle that is in MY WAY lol If you think of that you will understand that the dreams you have ARE attainable they are in your grasp to do them that is why your thinking of them, that is why you are the one who came up with it.
Dear one do not stop, don’t quit in the face of adversity but suck it up and pull yourself together and PUSH,PULL HEAVE and Climb.

Be encouraged do not stop until you reach all that your reaching for


Mark Allan Wolfe NEW FLASH

I wanted to drop you all a bit of news before I forget. I have been posting note here and there all around the web and I thought I better make an official announcement. I wanted to let everyone know that I have made a few stores online to seel some of my wares and merchandise along with my CD’s and stuff.

I recently opened a store Support This SiteMark Allan Wolfe Store—Music from a different perspective where just about everything is geared towards my artwork and music. You can buy all kinds of great gifts like tote bags, CD’s and much more to come….

Then there is my other store I opened with a lot of the same items but a little bit more open to a wider variety. I also have a few different other items available here where I do not have them at the other store, like skateboards,shoes among other things.

At both stores I will have cd’s made available but you should be able to buy them at Amazon.vom and itunes, and I will keep every one posted as to where I am going next and what I am creating and all. Take a minute to drop along an email to me,


License music widget

License a few songs from or from my store at and mayube get a small sample of what is available I do have nearly 600 songs available currently if you would like I can arrange for some songs to be sent to you for a demo purpose. Email me with any questions that you may have


A special message

Hello my brothers and sisters in the music world and in cyberspace. I hope this letter finds you all pressing onwards into the new year. I honestly hope that all your dreams come true this year and all your hard work pays off. I am writing you all these few words to help me spread the news and make a few announcements.

First–My new website is looking great and a lot of people have been checking it out the new and improved website is better navigable and better on the brain I think. I have new songs posted, a load of new things as well as some things coming this year that will be a great benefit to everyone.

Second–I opened up a store finally YEAH!! it is about time I know but it is really going to be pretty cool. I already have a bunch of great things going on there. You can find posters, CD’s, Mugs, clocks and a load of cloths that will be coming out more than I can say. Please take a moment to visit that place along your internet speedway journey at Mark Allan Wolfe Store

Thirdly—I am going to be moving this BLOG to another blog and sharing my thoughts from a spiritual point of view here from time to time. I think I already have shared a few thoughts from this blog. I wanted to share a bit more as to what happen in my heart and what is going on. Maybe share a few things as to why my songs are the way they are and all that.

I do hope that you guys would continue to write me letters like you have been and share the things that are on your heart. I do have another posting over at
I do hope you would take a minute to share this page with any and everyone with whom you may think would dig it.
As for now I am spent so I am going to crash.

Peace out