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Pink Floyd one of the best bands ever

I must say that over the years there has not been a many a bands who can take you from point A to point B without your permission and then leave you asking why did I fear in the first place. I have been listening to classic rock music and creating it for almost 30 yrs, I started out early what can I say. I have to say I think in all reality my first album I heard when I can remember the whole of music was “DARKSIDE of the Moon” That strange dark album with a triagle and rainbow how simple yet causing such curiosity. Of course they have many many other albums with as many jams on them and thought provoking music yet nothing to want to make you kill yourself or kill some one. Just simple progressive music that stired your heart and lifted your mind.

Well I am a huge fan always will be and have been. You go thru different phases with there music you can listen to one album over and over yet always hear something different. I have been rocking to THE WALL today.

This album when it first came out twisted my young mind into a puzzle and quagmire of spagetiti and left me wnating more. I always knew of those friends of mind who after ingestinging large wuantities of mind altering substances where left wanting in their mind and felt very disturbed by the images left behind by the lyrics of this record. I must say at first hearing it when I was what 13, I had know idea but thought that some songs where freaky. Now that I am older and wiser by some standards of thinking, I see musically what they were trying to do.

One of my favorite memories was driving in a car with some friends of mine, it made no difference where we were going we always had the tape playing THE WALL, and one day the tape player started to play tapes backwords! I must say that when you are smoking dope and what not it was pretty cool, sounded just as cool. But I know that none of my other fellow proffesional breathren never have dabbled in such antics. Well I am not proud but I did have some fun during those days. I wish I could go back and try to tell myself to stop but it happened and that is why I am so thankful to GOD for having mercy upon me! He not only delievered me from things I was doing but He straightened my mind and restored to me my mind if I may so boldly say.

Rock on


A quick note for you music supervisors

Just a quick note out to my proffesional music supervisors, that I have a multitude of great sounding easy listening tunes , acoustic guitar and hard rock cues available for immediate licensing. I have posted so many songs online yet I cannot place my whole library on here, I could but I am not sure I want to. I have listed a lot of songs though to try and give a sample of what is available. The best thing for you to do would be to contact me with a sample of what your looking for and you could have the songs with in minutes, and the best part there is no middle man to get in the way, and you have a personel music making machine at your service for a lot cheaper than what you may think.

Give a sample either at, or linkedin and I look forwards to hearing from you. Let me help you make the best sound track that is new and fresh and not full of electronic samples but real instruments.

Mark Allan Wolfe


A few more thoughts for today

I have been contemplating on what to write where to write and who am I writing to? I have a blog on my one myspace website and this blog I also have a million other things I write for people and share thoughts all around the world. So I ask myself where do I write the info from my heart and the spiritual things or where do I write the just musical things? I know some of you do not care but then again some of you may!?

So I will leave these things up to you my fans, what do you want to know about my music or the thoughts behind the music? Let me know until then I will write a little of both. I must say I have recently added a few widgets to my pages online here and everywhere that enable you to download for free my songs if you dig them. Let me know what songs you like or if I can help you at all with your productions.

I also just made some very extreme rock guitar songs that may take the paint off your walls while you listen to them so hold steady, a songs called Firecracker, Poprocks and Hammer are ones to look for. Until next time kiddies rock on for the KING!


Today’s thoughts

To everyone out there who is afraid to give my music a listen and to those of you who have listened and downloaded many songs yet have not emailed me to tell me that you dig it. I write this humble letter to youo.

You know how when after it rains and the sun just starts to peek out thru the clouds? Or when in the early morning when the sun creeps across the sky like a hand gently caressing a womans face. You know what I am talking about, that is how it makes us musicians feel when someone comments on your music. It maybe a simple,”Dude , the music jammed” or ” Man you suck!” Either a compliment or critique is always welcomed. Now I will say I am partial to a good word.

I would also like to ask that if you know of anyone who you think would benefit from listening to my tunes then please feel free to share these links,blogs,mp3 or videos by all means.


What’s next?

I have been doing a lot of online promoting of my music since 4/09 and I think it is starting to pay off abit I am proud to say that I have passed a million hits on with almost as many downloads. I am very happy and encouraged because I have barely spent any money on it so I can assume that it is because a lot of people like my music. I have also seen this happening on my personal web site with nearly 6000 hits aday at

So I ask myself this question, “What’s next?” I need to convert the downloads and visits to actual purchases and returning customers right? Of course. How do I do this? Well for instance you need to keep your site up to date all the time. Stay on top of things and try not to be sloppy or take things for granted.

Stay tuned for more on this later

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Hope is something we all need and feed upon. To have no hope is to not have life I feel. For what causes you to awaken every morning, but the HOPE that this day will be better than the next. I want to encourage your hearts that there is ONE who causes all things to work for HIS good. I have pondered that statement for sometime and it does not say that it will be easy,not hurtful, pain free, but He cause ALL things to work together for our good.

I wonder if we really truly believe this? I know sometimes it is very hard to have hope when the hour is chasing you down, there is no money no nothing but determination and grite, to get it done.

I challenge you to keep on moving to not stop but spit in the face of life’s hardship and crush it’s neck and declare to the world ; YUOU WILL NOT KEEP ME DOWN!!!!! I may be strugglin now and there may be a fight but praise God the morning is coming where all this will pass and the new day will arise and there will be no remembracne of these hurtful things. I know when we face the hardsahips of the day that it is easier to just roll over and quit….but you never know the greatest treasure of your life maybe over the next horizn or across this desert plains. Keep  on moving on pilgrim your going to make it if you do not quit!!