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Personal Testimony

Before you read this humble account, I must say that I have nothing against anyone in my life. I have known some very wonderful people and others whom I would rather forget, in any case I have no ill will towards them. This was written for the purpose of encouraging and challenging people and to try to explain what caused the drastic change in my life. I thought it might be helpful to people all over the world.

A deeper look

I know many, many people some are strung out on dope others are very well connected in the entertainment industry. I try to love everyone I come in contact with or to try and give everyone the feeling that they are special. I know that not everyone will agree with me about the things they are about to read and that is fine, just know that I have nothing against anyone. I really just want everyone who reads these few words to walk away with the thought that I believe in God, He is personable and loving. I also want you to know that something had changed my heart from walking one way to now over 20 yrs walking another way, all the while trying to better myself.

Well for starters I was adopted instead of being aborted so I am thankful. I was born in Detroit and was loved by my parents who I am glad raised me to be Jewish, I had a Bar Miztvah the whole nine yards, but since then I have become a Christian hence the story your about to read, as to how that happened.

I know a lot of different reasons as to why I started to do drug but I think it was just pure rebelion against what I was living in. I was not happy with a few things for some reason or another, I started to do drugs at a very young age. Unfortunately I ended up stuck on stupid for about ten years.

During this time as a young teenager I was smoking dope,getting drunk,eating qualudes,tripping on lsd, I was filling myself with every numbness drug they could give me. I was about 15 or so when I had broke my left leg so bad that I had to have a few operations to try to fix it and to this day I still live with the pain but that is another story for another day.

It had got so bad that my parents gave me the ultimatum to either stop living the way I was living or get out. So I did what every rebellious teenager would love to do, I left. I want to tell you it was an easy decision but it wasn't.

After spending years on the streets, in drug addiction and living the wrong lifestyle, there came a day. Not just any day but a wonderful day.

I was working as a plumber in Florida and just recently had gotten married. My wife at the time thought it might be good for us to have a family bible. I thought "What do I need a bible for, I cannot even read!", but I went ahead and purchased a bible.

I started to read it but could not understand what I was reading. I believed in God but my belief system was one laced with LSD and other drugs. I looked up to the ceiling and said," God I know you exist but I cannot understand what I am reading, and I want to know who Jesus is." I wish I could say that I heard a voice or something but nothing.

I went to work the next day and was asked to work with this dude. As we started out on our day I looked and saw He had a bible on the dashboard and thought to myself "Oh great He is some religious dude". We started to talk and I asked him about what he has the bible for and told me he was a Christian. I shared with him how last night I bought a bible but could not understand it. I do not speak with thou hast not say unto thee. ( I love the King James version of the bible now but at the time I could not understand it) He smiled and said well I just happen to have one hear that is in a version that you may understand. It was the NIV (new international version) 

I told him it was hard to read because I quit school and my mind was fried cause all the drugs I have been doing ( over 13 yrs). I also shared with him how I thought about life. Something like abortion is ok, and stuff like that. He shared with me two verses paraphrased "we are all like sheep that have gone astray and when I say that I am not that bad it is like I waving a dirty tampon before God saying this is who I am. I was freaked out to say the least but could not get the thought out of my head that the previous night before I prayed and asked God who Jesus was so I was interested in what was happening.

He said to me that I did not have to work the rest of the day if I wanted to I could just read the bible so I was not stupid and asked him where do I start to read. He opened up to Luke's gospel chapter 1. I read about how this guy was told that His son to be born to him was to have the name John and he did not believe the angel and could not talk until the son was born and he called him John. I was thinking that is pretty weird but cool at the same time.

When I read the part when the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary and said she was to have a son and his name was to be Jesus, I reckoned in my heart that if I had a son his blood would be from me and here is this angel telling a Jewish girl that God Almighty would cause here to become pregnant then her sons blood would be from God. I was freaked out. For at that precise moment I knew that Jesus was the SON of God. I did not ask him to save me at that time for I heard a hundred voices in my head saying that this was a lie don't believe it this dude is just trying to trick you into something, but I heard one voice over all these declaring  ", Mark I love you give your life to Me"

I went home totally under conviction came into my room told my wife at the time, this was all her fault. Of course she had know idea what was happening in my heart. I went got out my dope and started to roll a joint. It was at that moment I saw before me a video tape type thing before my eyes showing my whole life before me. how for the short time I have been on the earth I have been doing things my way. Worshiping the devil, getting into voodoo, the drugs all that was like a stench to me. I started to cry. Not just your ordinary tears but like massive booger tears great sobbing.

I said Jesus I want to follow you and and have you come into my heart but I have this problem that I cannot stop. I cannot stop doing drugs. It was like hot oil or something but pure LOVE came and started to flow from my head down to my feet. As it came back up I felt like I had climbed upon my fathers knees and felt such love,  pure love.  I felt incredibly clean on the inside. I know that if you have read this down to this point you may find this hard to believe but it does not matter I am just reporting what had happened. From that moment I was never the same.

I immediately heard a voice say through all your drugs away. I thought you got it no problem. I went into the bathroom and flushed all my stuff down the toilet. I have NEVER gone back since that time and it has been since 1990. I cannot explain it all in these limited words but I do know that it happened that Jesus Christ had mercy upon this maggot filled soul and lifted me up on to His lap and comforted me with His love, changed my life and created something new. Not re modeled my heart but something totally new.   

I have seen many, many different things and experience various things but one thing I do know is I belong to Jesus and He belongs to me and He will never stop the work until it is complete. I must also say this since that day I have not ever gone back to doing drugs.

I can also say that I understand heart break. Walking with God DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL NOT HAVE TROUBLE, HEART ACHE or SUFFER. Sin will take you farther than you ever wanted to go, make you pay a price you higher than you were  willing to pay and make you stay longer than you ever intended on staying.

If you are reading this and you do not know Jesus I can tell you what he did for me he can do for you. You may have a totally different experience but all the same He will change you if you but ask. The Lord answers all those who call on him in truth. You do not need to get yourself together first because you cannot. He makes the changes He rebuilds what you and the power of SIN has been destroyed.

Now I wrote this down a long time ago and a lot has since then transpired. One thing has changed and one thing has not. I have changed from the inside out, and GOD never has changed. I have seen Him do great and wonderful things, I have also been partakers of great sorrow, but I have not stopped following even after all these years. A great man once told me not to long after I was saved...He said,"Mark in only gets better with age" I was amazed because this dude was really old and still smiling. So thanks for reading now you know,"the rest of the story"

Well that is a small sample of what has happened to me, now what about you...

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Since I wrote this humble little story of my life a lot has changed and a lot has been good and some bad. I now have a wonderful woman in my life who has been such a blessing to me. I am still walking with the LORD for over 25 years now. I have been all across the USA,to Israel, and been used in many ways that for me to even try to tell would take up many more pages. I know you may not believe this, you may think I am strange, that is totally up to you. For those of you who knew me before and since can give testimpony and say that," Yes something is very peculiar about YOU" LOL

I can tell you that I am blessed beyond measure. Has it been hard, YES, has it been trying, most definantly, has it been worth it OH MY YES. There is just no way anyone can write down all that has transpired in my life since that day I made the choice to give my life to JESUS CHRIST. I do hope that you would write me and share your story, thoughts, prayer request with me for you never know how this will all turn out in the end.

For some people a little bit more help is needed to help bring about change into their lives. If you know someone or you are needing some assistance in your quest for freedom, then please click on the link to maybe help you find a place that may be beneficial to your growth. I do NOT endorse any of these places but I have found that this website has been very helpful for many folks to find a place to DETOX. Click this link to find drug detoxification in FL and to begin your search.