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Music Reviews and Recommendations of past clients
Wolf in Clouds – Mark Allan Wolfe
  1. Snow Day
  2. Sunset
  3. Today
  4. Atlanta Sun
  5. Keep it moving

Release Details

LABEL : Wolfies Music
DATE : September 03, 2013


September 03, 2013 Mark Allan Wolfe

I tried to place on this new website songs reviews and insights which I have been wanting to do for some time. I wanted to try to explain what lies behind some of the songs I have created along with letting others review my work as well. I was hoping to maybe have something like what LIES behind the music as well. If you would like to share a review of what YOU think please send me an email let m eknow what you think. If you would like me to maybe do a review of YOUR music then also email me. BY helping each other out we will acheive that which we are striving for.

I have not made a major release of a lot of this work but made it independently thru various outlets like AMAZON, ITUNES and other places around the web. I feel at the moment that this is the best way to proceed. I also think that it is important for people to try to understand the thoughts behind some of my music. For since it is largely and instrumental catalog one may not understand what was in the mind of the creator. I would like to add that when I create music, I want the world to hear my passion for life, my devotion and belief in God but also I want you the listener to make your own mind up as to what I am trying to convey. Like an artist creates a painting filled with various colors, that all seem to come together to make sense.

If you are looking for some great new music to add to your collection why not start with some of Mark Allan Wolfe's music. If you are looking for music for your next film, tv or web production what ever your musical need is let me help you in this process you may just find the exact que you are looking for. Several tracks of mine have been in many tv shows and cable from across the globe. Heart pounding,fast paced guitar jams, to mellow floating on a cloud drifitng down the stream, or intersteller overdrives into the mystic, there is surely a little of something for every one. The only thing that maybe lacking is our imagination. If you are wanting to know more about what is behind some of the music creations then lets dig in. Pick an album title from the right and lets dig in.


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