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A deeper look into the music of Mark Allan Wolfe


Are you looking for help in creating you musical master piece? Do you want to take your career to the next level? You can start by contacting Mark Allan and learning how He can help you achieve your musical goals as your music producer and / or consultant.

If you are a songwriter, musician, or just want to share some ideas together this is for you. If you are SERIOUS about making music and would like to collaborate online or in person than lets talk. Email me

You looking for a professional guitar player to add a little spice to your track? You a songwriter needing to have your song come to life? Just share your ideas and melody in an MP3 or email me and lets record something awesome. If you are using a DAW or Iphone,Android device or any other recording tools even if you have no idea what I am talking about let me help you bring your ideas to reality.

Are you looking to have some live entertainment? Are you wanting to a host a home concert? You have a church or charity event or need special music and / or guest speaker? Corporate event, special occasion or birthday party you would like to remember. Mark Allan Wolfe is available to come and perform for you and your guests. Nothing makes an event more memorable than having live music. Songs ranging from the 60's, 70's, 80's to current hits of today. Very affordable rates and guaranteed to make your function more lively and one to remember. CLICK HERE

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar? or perhaps you already know how to play but would like to learn more and become better? If you have answered yes then I may be able to help. I have been performing and making music for over 25 years and I have also been teaching guitar for about the same amount of time. I know that you have a desire but may need a little help from now and again. I offer private lessons and group lessons when available in a private studio or at your home. CLICK HERE

A lot of people are searching for answers to life's problems and situations. People are looking for peace in their life through a variety of ways, this is what I did. I have found that in this life I need spiritual direction and found peace through a personal relationship with Jesus and this is my testimony of that fact. Maybe it is not the thing for you, maybe this is the story YOU need to read. For all you know this maybe the story that gives you hope for facing the day? CLICK HERE

Deeper still

Sonar University

Find tricks and tips to help you in your home recording sessions using SONAR. Since I use this software I am always looking to find more ways to use this GREAT software! Export your projects directly from SONAR to SoundCloud, Create and route effects sends to use reverb and delay across multiple tracks. Learn the basics of Volume, Pan, Mute, and Solo. and many many more. I use it and I love it. Visit SONAR UNIVERSITY

ToonTrack Plugins

There are many plugins out there with which you can create your dreams into reality. This company provides many plug ins with which you can explore your creative mind and soul with. I use their EZ Drummer and Srudio Drummer just about every day on many of my projects and this is just the begining with what they have to offer. Do yourself a favor and check them out!ToonTrack Plug ins

Waves Plugins

WAVES is one of the leading developers of audio plugins for mixing, mastering, post production and live sound, with plugins for Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and other DAW's... Visit WAVES Plugins If your looking for videos, reviews and tips on how to make your recordings shine then also visit HERE

Cakewalk SONAR Tutorials, Techniques & Workshops

Here's a collection of the most recent and previous 100 SONAR Notes monthly articles from SOUND ON SOUND magazine. The most recently-published 5 workshops are locked and accessible only to subscribers, but the others are now free for all to enjoy.

Recording Magazine

One of my go to places for information you can trust, helpful articles and tips to help you make a better recording. Recording Magazine offers a fascinating and useful blend of topical articles, how-to columns, tough yet balanced reviews, interviews, news, DIY guides, critiques of readers’ recordings, and much more.

House Concerts -

I'm finding that some of my most memorable experiences of late are taking place in living rooms, playing for a small group of friends with / or without any amplification - more or less how I started playing for people so long ago almost 30 years ago. If you would be interested in having me perform in your home or any intimate, informal setting, please let me know by writing me here and I'll be back to you right away.

Live Music For Any Occasion

Looking for "LIVE Entertainment"? Do you have a special celebration, wedding, corporate event and you are looking to make it special? Are you wanting to make your next social gathering, small or large party something to remember? Why not have Mark Allan Wolfe help you make memories that will last, by providing live music for you and your guest? Music from the 60' to the 90's he is guaranteed to livin up any get together no matter how large or small!!

Waves V-Series Plugins Tutorial

Watch this in-depth tutorial with mixing engineer and educator Michael White for an inside look at the Waves V-Series, a unique collection of three state-of-the-art plugins modeled on vintage Neve processors.
For more info visit:


00:00 – Overview
04:09 – Master Bus
06:18 – Bass
09:35 – Parallel Compression
11:34 – Kick
14:01 – V-EQ3: Breathing Air into Vocals
16:41 – Snare
20:18 – The Entire V-Series on Vocals
23:29 – Full-Mix A/B Comparison

All music used in this tutorial is by Folding Legs.