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Music Page

Welcome, to the music page of composer Mark Allan Wolfe. Llisten to some samples of instrumental music and songs that have been created for a wide variety of clients and just for fun. There are a lot of cues and songs available here on this site with many more available one request. Mark Allan is capable of providing scores for your Films, TV,WEB or a variety of multimedia uses. In these players below and else where on this website there are original and cover songs created for ads, commercials and some that have been recorded live while performing. From hard rock in your face guitar jams to soothing ballads. Mark Allan Wolfe has thousands of original songs and cues most are available for immediate licensing. Most songs can also be custom edited, if you like a song here, but want the guitar solo edited out or another vocalist or perhaps a shorter version. For starters on the music player below, there are approximatly 140 or so songs from ROCK to BACH available to listen to. Just use the little scroll bar on the right of the player and scroll thru to listen to the wide variety of music that I have made avaiable;

Music for your project

The player above is filled with many, many different songs to choose from. You can move your mouse over ther slider on the right to move down the list. If you would like to listen to music on your ANDROID phone or Tablet click the link below and instal it to take the music player ANYWHERE!


Some of the genres He specializes in are Rock, Electronic, POP, Acoustic, Hip Hop and Easy Listening. Mark Allan's main instrument of choice would be the guitar in all shapes and sizes. Mark Allan takes pride in being a Multi-Instrumentalist capable of wirting and performing several instruments. Such as guitar,bass,keyboards,piano,drums, vocals, saxaphone and many others. Most all of these songs you hear on this website Mark Allan has written, performed and arranged all of this music, other than the cover songs. When the music demands He will reach out to accomplished session musicians to help perfom the tracks needed to make a hit. All of this music is 100% original, copyrighted, pre cleared ready for immediate use. NO RED TAPE! All the music is recorded in his production studio where he is able to not only create, mix and edit but also sync to film.

Some of this music has already found placement within brands all over the globe. He is also a proud member of ASCAP as a writter and also a publisher. There is for your convenience there is also available a fully functional licensing store where you will be able to license several tracks right from your computer, license and all. If you need custom music NOW please call or email his office immideatly. Email HERE If you have the time and would like to sample more music and watch some videos then please visit the other music pages with in this site. Click here to access more music and Click here for VIDEOS. The players below are filled with 100's of songs to get an idea of certain genres. This web site is continually being updated, with new information.

A few cues filled with drama, emotion and thrills.
  • Free at last - An emotional piano piece
  • Mystic Morning - Another in a long line of emo piano piece
  • overcoming the enemy - Electric guitar and Piano building dramatic piece
  • Refractions of Light - Ethreal piano and Cellos
  • Shaws of Sunset - Thriller Hip Hop dramatic beats
  • Midnight Dreamin - Thriller Hip Hop
  • Blood diamond - Trap - Hip Hop
  • Tripoli - Thriller Hip Hop
  • Another place online where you can listen to several 100 of my songs like an online radio as well as find people to collaborate with! Please check out the link below!
  • Mark Allan Wolfe on 100's of my songs and videos
  • Music Sampler 3 from SoundCloud

    The players filled on this page are filled with many, many different songs to choose from as well. If you are wanting to work with me I will gladly create a Drop box,BOX or Yousendit folder for us to share music,videos and other needed files. Just reach out email me thru the contact page!