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Music Consulting

I started this portion of my website for many reasons. One of the main ones is that when I first in the music business years ago there was not a lot of resources available for the DIY musician. Now a days there is help readily available for those who have the time, desire and compassion to sift thru it and read,invest and stay at it. I wanted to try to put together a part of my site to offer tools, tips ideas, stratgies that may help you in your efforts. I offer tools that specialize in Artist Development, Coaching & Consulting, Music Marketing (including Website Development and Social Media Strategy and Planning), Music Supervision, and Song Pitching.

Take some time and go through these articles and you may find those things that were once elusive in your career path. I am not a magician, or a fortune teller but I offer advice, helpful ideas and stratgies that may help you land that deal you were looking for. I have linked to several sites as well thru out the web that I find are helpful and compliment what I am trying to do. I also offer a FOR HIRE service as well that I formulate an individually tailored strategy to help you build your business and accomplish your goals and those of your band. If you would like to learn more about that feel free to Contact me and let us see what we can do to help. Other wise read these tips, and blogs to chase after the Grammy.

Business Strategy Plan Development

I can help develop customized music business strategies and plans for your band or you as an artist strive to be the best as you can be. I would need to set up a time where by I can collect all the information from you that reflects your band or artist philosophy and artistic vision. This plan will be a dynamic tool that is just right for you, it will be your strategic outline for potential success.


Helping you reach more people with your music

There are more opportunities than ever for artists to get their music heard. Marketing on the web has become one of the most important aspects of an artist’s development and is crucial for promoting awareness and generating revenue. By implementing some of these ideas, your music can reach more people – immediately, more efficiently and without breaking the bank! If you are serious in getting your music out there, then you MUST learn how to use the social media to your advantage.

Artist Development

A lot of people just think that if they just play their music or sing a song that people will come by the millions to listen or hear them. THis is not always the case morre often than not. Only once in a while do you ever hear of someone posting a song on the web and instantly they are a world wide sensation. You need to learn some of the tools of the trade that will help you grow, in this area. I will be including many articles in that section that will help you if you take the time and have a teachable spirit.

Music Supervision

Are you looking for a music supervisor to help you in your project? Someone who can help you find the right songs for the scene? Clearing license requests and liaising with publishers and labels. Preparing Cue Sheets, invoices and contracts along with other duties involved with in licensing music. Oversee the music budget for your project, recommend and hire composers and musicians. Negotiate music-related fees, including Master and Synchronization licenses, Composer Fees, Musician Fees, Recording Studios, etc. also handle any other music-related documentation/media. Handling all of this plus more as well as staying with in your creative budget.

Music Reviews

If you are looking for some straight forward advice on your music from an outsider but someone who is willing to give you constructive criticism than this maybe the help your looking for. I can offer advice and my thoughts in regards to the production, quality, songwriting,instrumentaiton of the songs as well as offer my written review for your own blog or website as well. There are tips in here as well that may surpirse you as well.

Music Business Tools and Tips

This section will have links to other websites, along with tools and tips that will help you market yourself and instruct yourself to become better at the things you do. Think of it as a tool box filled with a variety of apps and such to help you on yuour journey

Music Licensing

I work closly with my partners and clients at Wolfies Music Publishing and WAP Publishing. Since I own both of these services I am always on the look out for great material to bring into the fold. Offering you the opportunity to get your music placed with in several avenues. I will eventually make a drop box available for you to upload your material for review by myself or my partners and we will get back with you with in a few weeks or so sharing the links you will need to fill out the proper paper work.