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"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world" ---Harriet Tubman


Wolfie's Music Publishing started as a way to facilitate the music of composer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Allan Wolfe. As the doors of opportunity began to open so also did the need to create more music and find more people to work with. Mark Allan was able to find many placements for his music before teaming up with some incredible and talented individuals who have an ear for music. Working together with some of the brightest minds with in the music business and marketing we have slowly been building a reputation for quality and service, along as providing hit music and cues. For a few years now WMP has been placing music with in a variety of T.V and webTV, online radio spots and a few small feature indie films.

Some clients include GM, SONY, UNILEVER, COKE, PEPSI, Entertainment Studios, BUD, AT&T, WAL MART and the list grows all the time. Other brands that Wolfies has been used for can be seen with in the graphics around the website. We still provide quality music and services at an affordable rate while trying to keep our artist music and goals in mind. We have a staff now that is growing and working together. All of us together have years of working in the business in establishing the right connections for the right jobsĀ 

Wolfie's Music offers advanced tools, personalized service and a varied music catalog that has allowed music supervisors and ad agency creative to get the usage rights they need quickly and easily. We provide a wealth of material from ROCK to BACH. With genres including Top 40, Indie, hard rock, electronic, pop, hip-hop, jazz, country and more. Offering affordable tracks and cues, helping you find the right music for the right things, a one-stop source for synch and master usage rights to hundreds of songs and cues with in our music catalog. We are continuing to expand on our wide variety of genres from ROCK and Country to R&B and Film Trailers, etc. We also have an extensive sound effects library for all your sound design post production needs for all of you game designers or post professionals

We offer a one stop shop to make licensing process a lot easier for both you and your agents. All of our material is pre cleared, copywritten and ready to license. We also can provide you with re-recordings, cover versions, and customize many of the tracks and cues with in our data base. All of our material is original by the artist along with original master recordings by independent and developing artists. To make it easier we can also offer you with pre-priced fees for various uses, promotional work with you no matter what size your budget.