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Passing Thru – Mark Allan Wolfe
  1. Childhood Fantasies
  2. Someday
  3. Devotion
  4. Lounge Town
  5. Flowery Meadows
  6. Longing Fulfilled
  7. Determination
  8. Passing Thru
  9. Friends
  10. A Fathers Memories
  11. Early Morning Sun
  12. In the Begining
  13. On the Beach
  14. Transitions

Release Details

LABEL : Wolfies Music
DATE : Feburary 2009

Passing Thru

August 31, 2013 Guest Editor

This is the first album that is almost 100% acoustic in nature. There are other instruments involde but it is not filled with smoking electric guitars or heart pounding fast paced drums. I say ALMOST completly acoustic in nature but there are two songs on this release that are electronic in nature but seem to flow effortlessly with the whole vibe of what was trying to be said.

I was trying to capture emotions with these songs as one always does in composing music from the heart. They all come together to convery the thought of ones life, that you are "Passing Thru" The emotions , people,places experiences that one has while on this journey complete our life.

Songs such as "Childhood Fantasies", "Early Morning Sun" and "A Fathers Memories" convey the thought of longing to go back or maybe to dream. As a child we dream of growing older and then when one is older and a father we want to go back to those times to erase what was wrong or say that which was NOT said. So those songs to me have an errie longing or drawing you in type of thought.

The song "Transitions" and "Someday" are songs that seem to take the listener around the corner in the mind. One turns from the dark errieness or sometimes loneliness of life to the possiblility of hope, love, joy and peace. I could not help think about the times in my life that were transitions. When all I had was hope or the kind hand of a friend.

The electronic songs on this release explore the other reaches of the aspect of passing thru. For instance the song, "Lounge Town" was special to me in so many different ways. From the opening chords on the electric piano and the glistening notes cascading across your mind with the pads and space sounding drums bouncing back in forth alowwing you the listener to relaxe and sink into a more peacful zone. Like the times one may come into a small town and people seem to wave at you and everyone welcomes you with a smile or a finger wave. THe percussion and hand claps seem to flow right with the delayed trumpet breaking into the bridge of synths and there contribution to the melody

All in all I just hope that you as the listener will enjoy chilling out or finding peace while listening to this CD project. I recorded many of these songs before I had surgery for carpal tunnel so that made for an interesting take on some of these songs. I was in a a lot of pain and did most of the mixing when I was in revovery and could not play the guitar for what was an eternoty. I hope you enjoy these songs. Share with me in an email what you think good or bad.


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