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Wolfies Music publishing

Wolfies Music (ASCAP) is the publishing company representing not only the music of Mark Allan Wolfe but also the music of several other very talented artists and bands. All the music is pre cleared, ready for immediate placements. Our in-house team of composers and musicians can create both custom compositions as well as cover versions for a wide range of applications. Provide us with a brief about scope and size of project and we will create the perfect match to your musical idea. If you are looking to find music that is easy to license or would like to learn about submitting your music then visit their website and email.

Songrila .com

Songrila.com is a music download site, which sells the music of small labels and unsigned artists. Music lovers find a wide range of new, exciting and innovative music of all styles, they hardly find anywhere else on the web. The artists and labels can use the services without fixed costs. There is only a revenue share, when songs are sold. Besides this Songrila.com offers some very inetresting features to organize direct sales via the internet. In particular this are the new HTML 5 players, which can be adapted to the design of the artist or label website easily. So everyone can easily prelistening and download sales on his own website. The integration is very easy via iframe. Just have a look at the players here on my website. Then Songrial.com offers a Facebook APP to promote the music at Facebook. People can listen to the music and buy it directly. For more information and registration click here.....


Modern Mixing is another website filled with a large amount of helpful information and videos, tutorials and offers, to help you the home recording enthusiast or the pro mixing engineer to grow with in your field. There are reviews and tools as well as tricks of the trade to help you make the best out of your recordings to make your music or that of your artist shine. There are articles, and different levels of membership. For more information and to see some videos click here.....

The Recording Revolution

Whether you are new to recording or an old pro, you will learn something from this website. Check out the variety of posts,videos and material available, there are a lot of helpful starting points to making better music now! One thing I have learned is I am not a know it all it helps to constantly be filling your head and mind with knowledge to make better recordings as well as implementing what you have already learned.

Music Business Journal

The Music Business Journal, published at Berklee College of Music, is a student publication that serves as a forum for intellectual discussion and research into the various aspects of the music business. The goal is to inform and educate aspiring music professionals, connect them with the industry, and raise the academic level and interest inside and outside the Berklee Community.

Music Week

Music Week has been at the forefront of the music business for over 50 years. It remains a respected voice and valued source of news, data, analysis and opinion throughout the industry. But it has also evolved. The weekly magazine is now complemented by a digital edition, a constantly updated website, a suite of email services, plus iPad and iPhone apps.

Music tech

The magazine for producers, engineers & recording musicians. It is full of a TON of information about a lot of different music software, tips, tools and reviews to help you in your musical journey

songrila biz logo

Songrila BIZ is a very exciting B2B project for royalty free music. Songrila.biz is download shop, where companies can download and licence songs for different utilizations. FromT.V, WEB, Film, Youtube,Vimeo, ect...

Pro Music

Pro-music is a coalition of people and organisations working across the music sector. The international alliance of musicians, performers, managers, artists, major and independent record companies and retailers across the music industry work together to promote the myriad of different ways in which people can enjoy music safely and legitimately online.

Music Business 101

At the Music Business Academy, we have two primary goals: first, we aim to teach musicians how to use the Internet to their financial advantage, whether that means using the Net to sell more CDs, 'get the word out,' or simply to make some extra cash. Secondly, we aim to arm musicians with all the information they need to move their music career forward in the 'real' world, with or without a major label record deal.