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BRAIN SURGERY has been a complete SUCCESS!! UPDATES now available

Mark Allan Wolfe Brain Surgery
What I have been trying to do is update my gofundme page that explains everything in one spot. This has been very difficult for the recovery time has taken a little longer than previously expected, yet none the less I am pressing onwards. PLEASE continue to pray for me and my family as we deal with these new changes and trying to get caught up! If you are wanting to learn more about this terrible painful disease please follow the links. what-is-trigeminal-neuralgia


BRAIN SURGERY to be on August 31 this month! UPDATES available

Mark Allan Wolfe Brain Surgery
I have been trying to keep everything updated but with this Trigeminal Neurolgia the pain sometimes is so unbearable it is hard to type or even think. What I have been trying to do is update my gofundme page that explains everything in one spot. PLEASE pray for me if you are reading this. If you are wanting to learn more about this terrible painful disease please follow the links. what-is-trigeminal-neuralgia & Changes coming to both websites soon! &
It has been a while since major updates have come out but, we are finally getting things straightened out in more ways than one. We are in process to be tweaking and creating the respective websites to work properly with in your mobile devices. You will be able watch videos and listen to music as well as even license music for your projects straight from your mobile or PAD device.

MAW& Wolfies Music a part of OLE Family!

I am proud to announce that some of my music catalog is now being represented by one of the worlds largests music rights management companies. A little more about OLE

ole is one of the world's foremost rights management companies with investments of over $400M+ in music intellectual property (IP). Founded in 2004, with operations in Toronto, Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles, ole is engaged in IP acquisitions, creative development, and worldwide rights management. The ole catalog includes over 45,000 songs and 60,000 hours of TV and film music across all genres. Copyrights under ole's control include songs recorded by artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé, Blake Shelton, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Michael Jackson, One Direction, Rihanna, Rush, Taylor Swift, and Timbaland. ole controls substantial A/V music and secondary rights including catalogs from Sony Pictures Entertainment, DHX, MGM, Miramax, Nelvana, and Nu Image/Millennium. MusicBox, the Production Music division of ole, provides quality content and service to creators in all media with over 150,000 tracks in its library.

ole is committed to the creative development of its 100+ staff songwriters, legacy writers, and composers and adding value to our catalogs and client catalogs. Current ole writers include Rush, Timbaland, Tyler Farr, Josh Dorr, Gord Bamford, Brett Jones, Dave Turnbull, Jeremy Stover, and Marty Dodson. ole has ongoing Ventures with Last Gang Publishing, Roots Three Music, Jackoby Publishing, and most recently, ole-bluestone Publishing, ole's venture with global hitmaker Timbaland.

ole is proud to be associated with its bank partners SunTrust, JP Morgan, CIT Finance, Fifth Third Bank, Avenue Bank, City National Bank, and OneWest Bank.

ole is committed to being the world's best and most innovative Rights Management Company and the preferred destination for IP Investors and Creators in all Media.

For more information, visit

More Music PLEASE!!- Music needed for various projects has been growing along with Wolfies Music and we are always looking to find more music to add to the catalog! We cannot promise that all of your music will find its way to the silver screen, but your music just may find its way to certain people who may find it useful for their next project! We are looking for exciting and innovative music of all styles, we need HIGH Quality recordings even home studio recordings. They just need to be original, copyrighted and sound AWESOME!! Send me an email first with a direct link to yout music or song. Please do NOT send mp3, unless we ask for them. We will follow thru and listen to the submissions and get back to you with in 3-4 weeks maybe sooner depending on what is goin on in our world at the time.

Music Placements!
Also wanted to let you all know that Mark Allan Wolfe has been finding a few more placements as of late. These are placements with in several Cable and Network programing. I will be making available a different way that may help you as an artist move forwards, and getting your music out to the decision makers out there. - The Future of Music is a music download site, which sells the music of small labels and unsigned artists. Music lovers find a wide range of new, exciting and innovative music of all styles, they hardly find anywhere else on the web. The artists and labels can use the services without fixed costs. There is only a revenue share, when songs are sold. Besides this offers some very inetresting features to organize direct sales via the internet. In particular these are the new HTML 5 players, which can be adapted to the design of the artist or label website easily. So everyone can prelisten and download sales on his own website. The integration is very easy via iframe. Just have a look at the players here on my website. Then offers a Facebook APP to promote the music at Facebook. People can listen to the music and buy it directly . For more information and registration click here.....

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June 2013

I am very humbled and proud to add this week that I will be a featured guest on an online radio broadcast on a program called , "It matters radio" I will be interviewed and sharing some of my music, share some on the how to get your music out there and other topics. I am looking forward to it. This will be on OCT 17th, @9 pm EST I will be sure to remind everyone to tune in as we draw closer. IO also have a lot of other things coming up with more placements on American Pickers, Barter Kings, NY INK creating music for several other cable shows and working on putting together a seminar or some kind of tool that will help others to figure their way thru this maze called the music biz.
I would like to encouraged you to read on thru my website here there is a LOT of info available as well as music players that are filled with music to sample. I have bene having a little trouble with the whole online delivery system for songs but if you would like to license my music or have me to put together something for your next project I would be more than happy to.

Well a quick little update I was featured as I said last month in MUSIC BOARD MAGAZINE as an artist and composer was a great interview. I am also very happy to be making some great headway in pleacing more music. I am working with a few individual based out of the UK and Germany and Europe. We will be bringing more info when it is available we have to continue to build the delievery system but will be changing the store and licensing procedure. I am very thankful to say I will be placing more music with in the BBC programing and other stations in Europe over time. As well as making my music avaialable to several clients streaming the music to their stores and resturants ans what not.

A new update on things!! As I mentioned earlier this month I have been doing a lot of work for several TV shows both for Cable and Web series. I have been pretty blessed to have several of my tracks on the History Channel, Discovery Channel Networks and many, many more. I have been finding placements in shows such as American Pickers, Auction Kings, Barter Kings, NY INK, ect...I cannot place all of the shows here for I may miss some, but I am humbled and thankful for each one. It seems like it has been mainly in TV and WEB TV.

In regards to everything else that is going on I would just let everyone know I am thankful for your prayers and for your encouragement. Cheers!

The Music of Mark Allan Wolfe

Is finding placements with in some of cables biggest shows like AMERICAN PICKERS, BARTER KINGS, NY INK, Nickelodeon and many, many more