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With having such a large variety of music within my catalog, I wanted to try to make more of it available online. Here you can sample more of a variety of my music. Several different genres, moods and vibes many are available for immediate licensing. I thought it would be best to create a seperate page to help make the navigation of my site a little less confusing. As mentioned I have several thousand songs, cues and more in my library at the moment with more being added daily.

Pre cleared Ready for Sync

There are several different players with different tracks from several genres here below one including Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic,Pop, Acoustic, Classical, World, cues and so on. All of these songs are 100% original, copyrighted, editable, and ready for immediate use. If you are interested in licensing any of these tracks or having custom tracks created feel free to contact me via EMAIL, CONTACT PAGE or License Music Store.

Rainbows End - Indie

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Ridin Hard - Indie Rock

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Variety Hard Rock

Variety Underscore Cues, TV

Variety Rock & PoP

Variety R & B - Electronic

Variety Acoustic- Indie

Variety Classical Rock, Pop

Variety Rock Guitar

Variety Indie PoP

Composer Mark Allan Wolfe offers music for Film, Television, Web, and much more. Specializing in a wide variety of genres with his primary emphasis being guitar oriented music from Rock to BACH. Styles such as Rock, POP, Acoustic, Electronic, R&B / Hip Hop and Underscore music. Mark Allan has a way of creating melodies and songs that covers a wide emotional and atmospheric range. For more information on Mark Allan Wolfe read more →

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