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Music Reviews and Recommendations of past clients
Moments in Time – Instrumental
  1. Night Flight
  2. Justified
  3. Lone Gun
  4. Fade in Fade out
  5. Questions
  6. I see right thru
  7. Running out of time
  8. Your there
  9. Take Down
  10. I Try
  11. Lost in the Son
  12. Dementia
  13. Outcast
  14. Slow Meltdown
  15. Retribution

Release Details

LABEL : Wolfies Music
DATE : August 2013

Moments in time

August 2013 Guest Editor

This album is guitar rock all the way. It has blistering hooks, in your face jams, toe tapping groove that may just lift your spirit and motivate you to get up and go do something. From the very first song you know your into something maybe a little different than you first expected.

The album like some of the others is a collection of hard rock,slow blues and heavy metal songs where the music tells the story. Alot of Mark Allan Wolfes music is desogned for you the listener to hear and decide what comes to your mind. As an artist paints the picture using oils and paint , He uses notes, chords and grooves.

The song "Lone Gun" is like a slow blues mixed with slight funk and the lead guitar seems to cry out to let you know that there is business that needs done. A song that is some what haunting of sorts is "Fade in Fade out" with its creeping in slowly and grabs you but then does not seem to let go until you hear what needs said. The emotion in Mark Allans playing is evident in many of these songs.

These songs on this release as all of Mark Allan Wolfe's music are available for immediate licensing in a variety of platforms and are easily editable if need be. So if you find yourself needing music for your project and need it fast then give him an email and lets get the ball rolling and get you the music you need. He is willing to work with you on many different levels.


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