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This is the first place I think I started to sell my music online a few years ago. You will find a few albums here all around the same amount of money. I have two albums up here at the moment with a few more coming I am trusting to post my older music up here as well, albums that I distributed during the 90's and early 2000 and many more. CLICK HERE for info on how to purchase.

This is to me of my favorite places to go to buy music and listen. I just like the way everything is laid out. Nothing personal I like a lot of these store but I go here to sell a lot of my music as well. You can find entire albums here shortly. I am always adding more and more music just need to find the time to create the artwork. Click Here

Noisey Planet is a website filled with music and indie artist trying to get their music into the masses. It has several toos to help the indie artist as well as being free for the listener. You can sample from 1000'a of tracks and artist from a wide variety of music that is suitable for just about anyones picky musical would like to purchse some of my music that is posted there please CLICK HERE

BaneCamp is also a GREAT tool for those of us trying to get our music out there. I have a few songs available there as well with more being added ALL the time. With Bandcamp you can slo download a FLAC version which is a CD quality file, or a 320 Bit MP3 at any rate CLICK HERE to learn more



This is a store one of many being created where you can find not only my CD's and singles but also cool clothes and cups, dart boards, pillows, towels all with my artwork and graphics made in them. Feel free to visit and check out some of the cool gear you can find.





Wolfies Den


Still Under Construction

This part of my website is still under construction. I will be making it available soon as well as making a place to buy the music and other merch as well as art work. Please bookmark the website and come back from time to time to learn more.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.