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Music that is 100% Pre-Cleared, ready for immediate download

All of the music that is available on this website and in Mark Allan Wolfe's catalog is available for immediate licensing in a variety of avenues. If your looking for music for TV, Film, Web TV, WEB ADS, Multimedia, Corporate instructional video, On-Hold music services, music for retail, what ever style or type of music your looking for music for, we can help you in the process. We can create and provide you master quality mixes and help you through the entre creation process from start to finish.


"Mark Allan Wolfe is one of the most talented and versatile composer that has ever crossed my desk. His songwriting, execution and production skills are of the highest level. His music is clearly worth your time and attention."

Foley Entertainment

If your a Director, Music Supervisor or Film Producer and your new to hearing the music of Mark Allan Wolfe I would encourage you to sample the variety of his music. Songs that include but are not limited to Rock (ALL STYLES), Acoustic, Electronic and Classical. He also has a selection of POP and Hip Hop songs, or Film Source and Backgrounds melodies. Having a fully equiped recording studio with up to date software, instruments and equipment to get the job done in a professional and timely manner. I would like to show you what we are capable of doing at the fraction of the cost of what you might think. If you would like to get a music quote then CLICK HERE and fill out the form and someone will contact you. In the plug in player below you will find an easy way to either purchase the songs for your own listening pleasure or license the songs. It is filled with only a fraction of the catalog 15 or so songsbut a catalog of over 3,000 cues and songs are available. I am working on adding more and more material daily. I understand most of the time you maybe looking for a custom score or a piece of music that is edited and tweaked just for your project. The player is merely for those who perhaps just need something quickly or as a sampler of what is available. If you would like to get a music quote then CLICK HERE or visit the contact page and fill out the form and I will contact you.

Music From a Different Perspective

All the material in this player and else where on this website is 100% pre cleared ready for immediate use. Some of these tracks are already being placed with in several commercials, and television shows, web site applications, stores and corporate video presentations along with several small films. All the music were recorded and performed by Mark Allan Wolfe. In the event that songs needed other musicians they were also brought in as well to try to make these sound the best as they possibly can. All of the tracks you hear as well as any others that we may provide are fully editable and can be tweeked to fit your specific scene.

Sort thru the player below, sample some of these great tunes. If you would like to share the songs with your team or others out there in the world , feel free to click the plus sign located underneath the title of the song to open the share function. If you click the LICENSE tab it will open a window to fill in the correct info so you can have the cue sheet provided right at the time of delievery as well. You may also BUY the song buy clicking that button as well. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions, thoughts or comments. IMPORTANT!!! In the event that a selected song does NOT play and you would like to hear it please do not hesitate to email me and let me know. If you have a need for a song or cue that is not with in my system email me directly with your brief at share your info and request.