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Divine Inspiration –Instrumental
  1. Afterglow
  2. Rolled Over
  3. Leroy's Tune
  4. Still in Love
  5. Firecracker
  6. Move it
  7. Leaves
  8. Thoughts
  9. Rush Hour
  10. My Sweet
  11. Hammer
  12. All the Way

Release Details

LABEL : Wolfies Music
DATE : Feburary 2013

divine inspiration

February 2013 Guest Editor

A "Divine Inspiration" is a mixed collection of songs that span a few different genres from light rock,to accoustic pop and some hard rock and smooth/light jazz you may like to call it. This was made from a collection of songs that I recorded over the years and many of these have found placement in a few TV shows and Web commercials. They all have a special meaning to me and represent different periods with in my life. As with all music it is able to reach into the inner man the spirit of an individual and tough you there in ways that is only described as something say DIVINE!

I cannot tell you the listener what is other worldly or from this dimmension but I can tell you that some of these songs have touched my life just as the people and places have with which I reach out to for inspiration in developing these ideas. Songs such as "Leroy's Tune" and "Leaves" where recorded about 10 years ago while I was living in Indiana on a fall afternoon as I recall. Looking out the window of the studio at the trees and the way the hills seemed to roll across the land. Ot the guy who inspiried the song Leroy! A great person who had a way of always being smooth even in the face of great adversity.

A few of these songs were a result of a direct job request for certain clients who wanted and needed high energy emotional fast paced rock to motivate the listener. After I made these songs I thought I liked them so much I would include them on any future Cd release. Some of those tunes were used by the clients for products and for a X games type of event and for snowboarding tricks I do not know how those guys and girls ever do those tricks but I wanted to try to play something that complemented there artistic style of moving those boards but not to hinder there imagination.

The song "Thoughts" was written for me to help my heart in a time of great struggle as with most of my material you must LIVE IT first before you can create it. The Songs "My sweet" and "still in love" we created especially for the woman in my life who has stood by me thru thick and thin without whom I would bot be able to face the day with out her smile. Those songs reflect a certain kind of heavenly love. As with these tunes they all come from a heart that has tried to attach itself to the throne of Heaven and after years of walking , crawling at times with the LORD of all the earth, I decided these all came from a heart that is and has been in constant search for His DIVINE Inspiration!


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