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Music Reviews and Recommendations of past clients
Discovery – New Begining
  1. Back to You
  2. Change Me
  3. I AM
  4. If Only
  5. Love Song
  6. My Love will never die
  7. Sunday Groove
  8. Temptation
  9. The Door
  10. The Rapture
  11. Tommorows Yesterday
  12. Wastin Time

Release Details

LABEL : Wolfies Music
DATE : Feburary 2009


February 14, 2009 Guest Editor

This is the first in the second generation of releases by Mark Allan Wolfe with a collection of a few old favorites that were re recorded and mixed. There are is a perfect subtitle for this album which was "New Begining" for that is what it was in a sense. There are some great powerful adult contemporary love songs interwoven with a mixture of Mark's style of christian contemporary music with a soft rock touch.

As previously mentioned there are a few RE mixes of older songs like "Back to YOU", "I AM", "Change Me", "Temptation" and "The Rapture" songs which reflect his devotion, commitment, relationship and musical interpitation he has to to Jesus Christ. For instance the song THE RAPTURE is his musical interpitation of events laid out in the book of REVELATION that the church call the Rapture or Tribulation. Songs of devotion and cry for sanctification, purity like "Change Me" and "Back to YOU" point to those desires.

A lot can be said for the instrumental songs like "My love will never END" and "Temptation" which again point to His interpitation of Gods love for us as humans and struggles with the human condition. The soulful cry of the lead guitar in the afore mentioned seems to enrapture your heart as your soul cries out to join the player in the bliss of the fact that God's Love will NEVER END, can be heard through the entire song.

The song "The Door" was written for his sweetheart a few days after they met. THe song tells a story of two hearts longing for love, and after being hurt by loves sting they find it hard to try once again. The lover seems to plea with the maiden only to open the door of her heart once again to taste the love that is there for real after years of searching. A story that can be heard alot in the music and lyrical passages of Mark Allan, of love he has for his wife and family. Love song is a a song of testimony to the strength of love and its enduring power.

Mark Allan Wolfe has such a wide variety of music that is hard to describe with in one album. I would invite you the listener to sample thru this early work and decide for yourself. There is a lot of musical and relational passion with in his playing and song writting which I am sure both men and woman will like. For sure you will find that once you hear this releaase you will find yourself on a new begining to DISCOVERY of his musical works and the inspiration that he offers


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