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Music Reviews and Recommendations of past clients
BellaDonna – Beautiful Woman
  1. For You - Instrumental
  2. Evening Tide
  3. Contentment
  4. For You
  5. Prayer Offering
  6. The Dorr (Acoustic Mix)
  7. Freedom
  8. Be a Man
  9. Turn to Stone
  10. Trust in Me
  11. High Heels
  12. Bleeding

Release Details

LABEL : Wolfies Music
DATE : April 28 2009


April 28, 2009 Guest Editor

This album is a collection of some very unique and powerful love songs as well as songs about longings and also them being fulfilled. This album is some what of a mixture of songs birthed out of thankfulness and love. The first song "For You (Instrumental)" is a love song instrumentals as are most of these are, yet rocks at the right times. Starts out with a drum beat to me representing my heart longing for love. Then a slow and sultry melodical groove develops and soon the lead guitar takes you away. Like the love of a woman you find yourself going higher and higher in emotional bliss where there are harmonic yet revealed that seem to grab you by the throat but will not let go. ALl the while that lead screaming out to be heard like a heart longing to be fulfilled in exctacy. The songs comes to an end after and only after you realize your in for much more than first barganed for.

"Evening Tide" is a peaceful mellowdramatic song filled with awe inspiring grace. Like the name implies you could find yourself laying on the beach watching the tide come in at dusk no problem. The electric lead guitar seems to express the emotions not covered with in the frame work of the rest of the melody. Pulling you forwards and rocking you to sleep and at the right time caressing your ears to gently kiss your mind with harmonic excelence. With "Contentment" the acoustic guitar does its job by helipng you find your inner Zen

The songs "For You" and "The Door - Acoustic Mix" again reflect the hearts of love that intertwin with the beauty of music I think. The haunting groove of For You seems to echo the souls longing to find that special someone. Then the "The Door" captures that moment when you FIND that someone without whom life is NOT possible.

There are some real powerful Christian themed songs that are slightly different than todays current CCM. With "Prayer Offering" and "Trust in Me" there is this longing that life only makes sense with God at the center of a persons life. The lyrics of the first seem to echo the heart longing to be free from some great awareness and burden of sin, with the later song answering that call with a gentle answer to the heart from above with a call to rest.

If you are looking for some great new music to add to your collection why not start with an older release of Mark Allan Wolfe's music. This is NOT his first release but was the first of a second generation of sorts. When you listen to this CD and compare it to recent releases you will be surprised at some of the sonic qualities which have remained yet blissfully surprised to hear some newer growth that accompanys all musicians as they progress with there chosen craft


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